Monday, April 27, 2009

"Legacy" - Christ in me

For some reason I've been thinking about the Apostle Paul, and what he said he hoped people saw in him. You know how people talk about leaving a "legacy" - how they want to be remembered, or what they want to be remembered for? Paul, in his writings, did mention various places he had gone and specific deeds he had accomplished --- but I don't think it was so much those specific things that he wanted people to remember. Rather, what he boasted about - and what he hoped people had seen in him - was Christ, the Person, and the power of God that was at work in him.

In essence, I see Paul as saying, "Indeed I've worked hard! But take your eyes off of me and please see that anything and everything worthwhile that I've accomplished hasn't been me and isn't about me but is the result of God's grace and power, and the very life of Christ in me. Don't congratulate me or pat me on the back. Give praise to God!

Same here. No matter what I do in this life here on earth in this body, that's what I hope people see in me as well. The life of Christ. My works are going to be different than somebody else's works. I don't want people comparing my works with other people's works, nor comparing their works with my works. I think it's great for us to share the specific things that Christ's life is doing in and through us, but again, the specific things I do may look totally different than the specific things someone else does. If my works happen to have attention drawn to them, let it be so that it can be said, "Christ is living in and through Joel."


  1. Joel,
    Great post! I have been thinking about this very same thing, recently. I guess a "stirring" upon my heart, of sorts, about what footprint, imprint or legacy I'll be remembered by. Truly, I do not care nor need for a "spotlight."

    Like you, all I hope to leave is that others saw Christ in and through me...that I left a path flower petals of Love, encouragement, Hope, Grace, and Truth. I want people to remember me as a woman who lived in such a way that my life pointed to Christ and inspired them to join, deepen their relationship with Him.

    My deepest prayer.

    ~Amy :)

  2. Amy... those are wonderful thoughts! That's my hope and prayer as well, to be remembered as someone whose life always pointed to Christ and who trusted in Him and truly helped people to grow in their relationship with Him.