Sunday, April 26, 2009

Synchroblog Idea - Your Performance-Based Acceptance Story

A stand alone sentence in Paul Anderson-Walsh's book Until Christ is Formed reads:
Each and every one of us has our own story to tell about the problem of Performance-based Acceptance.
I reckon that's true - and so I ask: What about you? What's your story? In what ways has Performance-Based Acceptance been a problem in your life? In what ways have you gained freedom?

In order to join together in sharing our stories (hopefully encouraging one another), I propose a Synchroblog on Tuesday, May 12 (just a couple of weeks away), based on the theme "Performance-Based Acceptance," in which we use our blogs/websites/forums/social sites/etc to post our personal stories of the problems and solutions of Performance-Based Acceptance. Consider yourself invited to participate in this!

So what's your story? Perhaps your story has to do with finding acceptance from God based on His unconditional love for you and your true identity in Him, apart from your works/performance. Perhaps it has to do with a need for approval and acceptance from others, and learning to break free from that bondage. Perhaps it has to do with your own struggle to accept others. Perhaps it's a combination of some or all of this, or something entirely different.

How long was this a problem for you (or is it still a problem for you)? How has this affected your life and the lives of those around you? How have you overcome, or how are you currently gaining victory and freedom in this? You get the picture.

I won't be "tagging" anyone to participate in this. Instead, as I said before, simply consider yourself invited to participate in this! I'll post reminders of this proposed Synchroblog event between now and May 12th, and I'll post my own story that morning. I'll then ask you to link to your story in the comments section of my post that day, and then I'll gather all the links together and write a new post, linking to all of the posts.

If you're interested in this, I also think it would be great if you would spread the word! Feel free to link to this post on your own blog and internet site(s). Let's encourage one another and help one another to break free from Performance-Based Acceptance!


  1. good idea, Joel. There are a few things I could write about concerning performance-based acceptance.

    I like attacking performance in general as the 10 commandments-based acceptance doesn't cover all of the little laws we can conjure up for ourselves. I got a million of them.

    Letting go of those laws can be a bit unnerving because they have, until the moment of freedom, been things we trusted in to keep ourselves from backsliding and leaving God all together.

    Trusting the freedom of the Lordship of the Holy Spirit is a bit like walking on water. But Christ is the one who matures us and keeps us. We cannot muster anything up on our own. We must be willing to let go completely.

  2. This is great.
    it is actually the foundation story of my life.
    I came to Christ after finding that getting A in every school subject was totally meaningless and dive bombed into depression for a year when 13. i found performance geared to more acceptance from my father was not the way to go. I am so so grateful that I got to hear not only the gospel through Billy Graham that year, but also was in a school revival where loads of us were totally zapped in the Holy Spirit......never got A in every subject again though....actually became highly sceptical of left-brain learning in general. So good in these days to see people like Mark Stibbe, totally at home in both worlds!!!

  3. great idea! Will link to this post soon...

  4. Wow! I really have to think about this one. I know it's there and hopefully I can put it together by the 12th.

  5. Hey all, I really hope for this to be an encouragement for many people. Everywhere I go, I hear about one aspect or another of people's lives being affected by performance-based acceptance (in the context of the church and also out of the context of the church - and it's just sad that it's prevalent in the church), and I know so many people who have grown and stood up and overcome, etc, and it will be wonderful to hear people's stories.


    That's sooo true! As you say, it's not only the Ten Commandments, but people have made all kinds of other rules, laws, traditions, etc, that they put on themselves and upon others.


    What an interesting story! And the first part of it is probably all too common... the pressure to earn acceptance based upon school performance. The great part is how the gospel changed things for you. Even though your 'performance' dropped, it appears that the gospel and the Holy Spirit had a profound positive affect on your life!


    Thank you much. I think this is a great thing to spread around! Not because I proposed the idea, but because I reckon so many people have stories to tell!


    I know you can do it. :) If your thinking ends up anything like mine, I only had a few small thoughts at first, but each thought has led to a bunch of other thoughts, and now I don't know how I'll sort through it all!

  6. Thanks, Joel. Right now I'm totally clueless but a lot of times it doesn't come to me until the last minute so I've learned not to panic too much. Hopefully that’s the way it'll be now.

  7. Bino, thanks. It seems as if it was the Lord's idea. (It's one of those instances in which I look at all the "coincidences" surrounding the formation of the idea in my head and I perceive that He inspired it all). Then again, what doesn't He inspire that isn't of Him! ;)

    Aida, the cool thing about this Performance-Based Acceptance synchroblog idea is that you are accepted whether you "perform" or don't "perform." No pressure. :)

  8. Thanks, Joel. I'm still thinking and I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

  9. Aida,

    God, to you, if you don't participate: "Don't make Me come down there!"

    (Couldn't resist... it was on one of those idiotic billboards signed by "God"). =D

  10. Okay, God. Now I didn't say I wasn't particpating. I just said I'm still thinking.

    I've got to be careful just in case that was God speaking. LOL

  11. I heard God speak and I obeyed. It'll be ready by Tuesday.

  12. thanks to Jules, just saw this....I'm IN!!!! Its in my diary!

  13. Aida... I'm sure He'll be very pleased!

    Ursula... Great! Make sure you stop by here on that day and link to your post, as I'm planning a separate blog post that will link to all the other blog posts that I become aware of.