Freed from Tithing, Free to Give - Written series

Here are the ten parts of my series "Freed from Tithing, Free to Give." I also recorded a four part audio/video series based upon these writings, which can be found here.

Part 1 First Things First - setting a proper foundation for looking at "the tithe"

Part 2 More than one tithe; Abraham's tithe; Tithing not a "type" for new covenant giving

Part 3 To repeat - plural tithes; Mandatory tithes; Leviticus

Part 4 Important info about the Levites; Deuteronomy 12

Part 5 Deuteronomy 14

Part 6 Deuteronomy 26, 2 Chronicles, Nehemiah, What is the 'Storehouse?'; Malachi

Part 7 New Testament mentions of tithing - Matthew 23; Luke 11; Hebrews 7 - Explanation of Abraham's tithe

Part 8 Separating the Old Covenant from the New Covenant; a NEW priesthood; we are all priests; a spiritual house; one body; New Covenant church pastors and leader are NOT equivalent AT ALL to the Old Covenant Levite tribe and Levite priests

Part 9 Giving; Giving cheerfully; Everybody's finances are NOT the same; Giving in many different ways

Part 10 God does not need us to give (God doesn't need ANYTHING from us!); a sweet smelling aroma; not duty or obligation, but giving by grace