Thursday, April 30, 2009

Freedom from tradition - how sweet!

One of my favorite all-time television programs is the latest reincarnation of the everlasting Doctor Who adventures. The new Doctor Who ran four seasons, from 2005 to 2008, and will supposedly pick up again next year.

I love this scene from Season Three's episode entitled Utopia.

Brief setup, without giving away any of the plot (which wouldn't matter anyway): The Doctor and his companion Martha had accidentally ended up in a place where they had befriended a certain professor and his alien companion.

Throughout the episode, every time the professor's companion speaks she begins by saying "Chan" and she ends by saying "Doh." Martha eventually questions her, as to why she does this. It seems as if the woman has always done this and has never questioned it, and in fact says with a tinge of unease, "Chan that would be rude doh!" if she didn't do that.

In this quick little scene, Martha, the wonderful grace revelator (hehehe), helps her to break her legalistic tradition! As I said, I love this scene. :)

(0:27 to 1:14)

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