Monday, January 12, 2009

What you said in 2008 - Slick Breeze

To wrap up a look at some of my favorite blog posts from others in 2008, we now turn to my holier-than-thou twin-brother-from another-mother in-a-parallel-universe, The Extra Very Reverend J. Slick Breeze. Actually, I can't say that these are "favorites" of mine, but, well, the man is family so I thought I'd include him anyway.

The first one was actually posted on my blog, as I did ol' Slick a favor and introduced him to the world (well, to those who read my blog). The other two are the only two posts he wrote in 2008. I reckon he's too busy going around preaching the law and raising funds for his ministry, and simply doesn't have much time to blog.

1. Introducing my alter ego - The Rev. J. Slick Breeze (posted on my blog 5/13/08)
2. Send Money (Grease Roots - The Very Extra Rev. J. Slick Breeze - 5/14/08)
3. Your support is necessary (Grease Roots - The Very Extra Rev. J. Slick Breeze - 11/18/08)


  1. Bros. Slick:

    These articles & video spoke so hugely into my life - I have cut you a gi-normous cheque, in the mail, for you to continue to advance OREC (Organized Religious Entertainment Centre) further.

    I could sit all day at the feet of 'the very Rev.J.Slick Breezza'

    I am looking forward to my Franklin Mint limited edition collector's plate bearing Slick's pic as well as my Saint Breeze chain and pendant set.

    You told us in the info-mercial that when ever we wear the medalion of Saint Breeze...good times and prosperity will be forthcoming. I might want to buy, I mean, donate more money in order to get two chain sets. I can never have too much bling.

    I wish you all the money in the world as you continue to establish the world wide church of Slick Breeze

  2. Also, can you send me your 20 DVD set on self improvement?

  3. Oh...can you also send me your self-improvement book entitled...'Cheap Grace - if it were of any value spend some money'

  4. Your ministry is a huge blessing to me, brO!
    Hope you will be able to find more 'partners' and contributors in this new year so that you can expand your territory further in this new year.

    I also pray that you will find more creative ways to squeeze money from your flowers during this time of economic crisis in this country.

    Despite of the fact that you are still doing well in finance, have considered the option of requesting a government bailout? If you do so, pls. don't make the mistake of flying in your private jet to Washington D.C like the auto company CEO's did...

    But hey, it's all matter of being creative. You can impress ANYONE!

  5. We just want to know who your tailor is and who does your hair?? Those suits!! That pompadour!! ::sigh::

  6. Brutha Walking Church,

    I'm taking a break from my hard work of raising much needed support for mah ministray, so that Aah can offer yew my thanks for your much needed support for mah ministray.

    Ah've decided to be extra generous to ya. Just for yew, buhcause yew're mah favorite Slickite, I will allow yew to double your donations for all the things you mentioned here. Ah know, Ah know, Ah'm to kind. The more yew sow the more yew reap, so yew can expect the blessings to start flowing as soon as Ah receive the monay!

    As for the "cheap grace" set, I've changed the name to "Expensive Grace - If You Buy It, I'll Sell It To Ya."

    Brutha Bino, yew're first sentence goes without saying. Of course mah ministray is a huge blessing to yew! The blessin's just keep on-a-flowin!

    Thanks for prayin' that my territory would increase. Being from a parallel universe, Ah'm lookin' to figure out how I can have my territory expand in both universes at the same time.

    As for a government bailout, they'd have to offer more than they offered the banks and the car companies if they wanna sow a big enough seed to reap anything worthwhile.

  7. RJW,

    As of yet, my tailor and hair stylist have not given to mah ministray, so Ahh told 'em Ah'm not gonna advertise for them. However, Ah'm workin' on 'em, and Ah think Ah'm this close to breakin' 'em.

  8. Well, Joel, I guess you can pick your friends but you can pick your family especially if they're your holier-than-thou twin-brother-from another-mother in-a-parallel-universe.