Monday, January 12, 2009

Please pray for Kyle Sweet

I don't often share 'prayer requests' but for some reason I'm moved in my heart to share this one. Please click this link. Michael Sweet (lead singer of Stryper) shares a wonderful testimony about his wife, Kyle, and he asks for prayers as she battles ovarian cancer. The song below says "Free to open up - and believe; Free to simply ask - and receive." This is what Michael and his family are doing for Kyle, and I'm simply one of many who are joining in.

Stryper's music played a huge role in my life in the mid to late 80's. I was big into MTV, where I would watch all my favorites like Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, Billy Idol, Adam Ant, Poison, Metallica, ZZ Top and so on and so on. I would come home from school every day and watch the top ten requested videos of the day. In the midst of all this, Stryper came on the scene with songs like Calling On You, Free and Honestly, remaining at Number 1 for weeks on end. I remember crying at times when I would hear lyrics such as "You, You make my life complete; You give me all I need; You help me through and through; I'm calling on you." I certainly wasn't getting that message from any of my friends! ;)

I knew there was something more to this life, and I believed in Jesus, but I honestly thought I had to clean up my act before I could truly come to Christ, and I just never could clean up my act. But yet among all the other music I listened to, the lyrics from the Stryper songs really kept my head up and my ears open, desiring this "peace" with God... that I would eventually find out was a free gift, not something I ever deserved or could earn.

They've still got it! Stryper - Free (live in 2004)

Free to turn away - say goodbye
Free to walk away - and deny
The gift waiting for you
Whispers a still small voice
It's your choice - you're...

Free - Free to do what you want to
Choose your own destiny
Free to do what you want to
Free to open up - and believe
Free to simply ask - and receive
There's no better time than now
You've got the right to choose
You can't lose - you're...

The original video from the 80's


  1. Joel, I couldn't leave a comment for him since I don't have a Myspace account. I hope and pray she will feel better and her family will have enough courage to go through this...

  2. Cool. My heart goes out to this family.

  3. This is so hard. I see it every day. I can feel the pain and love dripping from those words. God can do miracles. Unfortunately, they do not happen often enough. So many people that I see think that they are going to be the miracle. My prayer are with the family.

    Oh yeah...Stryper Rocks!!

  4. Socoteanu, yep, I keep on praying for healing for Kyle. I trust God to do His will with this family and I leave it in His hands.

    Yeah... Stryper rocks! Interesting thing --- The other day I searched for "Stryper" on Facebook, and your profile showed up in the results. It's not often that I find people I 'know' when I'm searching for old groups like that. :)