Friday, September 18, 2009

Upcoming Rev. J. Slick Breeze interview!

It's been a while since we've heard from my holier-than-thou twin-brother-from-another-mother in-a-parallel-universe, The Most Extra Very Reverend J. Slick Breeze, and I was finally able to make contact with him! Through the phenomenal wonders of inter-parallel-universe videoconferencing, we were able to record my interview of him. We had quite a strange conversation - nothing new when it comes to ol' Slick - and I debated whether or not I should post it, but I decided to go for it, and it should be available for broadcast later today or tomorrow. If nothing else, it will highlight the sad truth of what legalism can do to a person! I'm sure he feels otherwise.

Some things revealed in the interview:
- That the Rev. J. Slick Breeze wants you to give to his ministry
- That the Rev. J. Slick Breeze will be blessed when you give to his ministry
- That the Rev. J. Slick Breeze likes gold, money, and you sowing your seed into his ministry
- What the "J" stands for

In case you weren't around at the time, here's a previous word from the man.


  1. Good thing - I was starting to think that the rapture had occurred and Slick got taken home and we got left behind!!!

  2. WOOHOO! The Right & Uptight Veeeeeerrrry Reverend J. Slick Breeze???

    I cannot wait!!

    Where is WC? He won't want to miss this! :P

    Pass the offering plates, brothers, I feeeeel the "Spirit" moving...

    Uh, oh, the Farting Preacher just came to mind! LOL


  3. OMGOSH!! WC & I were posting at THE SAME TIME! Ahahahahhahahahahaha!! Very irreverent minds think alike! ;P

  4. Hey bros Joel...Brother Slick wants to know:

  5. Well it's very possible that the rapture has taken place but we just don't know it yet. Anything can happen in the realm of parallel universes! I just hope we're not too late, and maybe the good Rev. Slick will intercede for us if we sow our seeds into his ministry!

    No comment about that other pastor mentioned above. I lose it every time I watch that video!