Friday, September 18, 2009

My extra-holy interview with the Most Extra Very Reverend J. Slick Breeze!

As promised earlier today.

Put your grease filter on.


  1. Who doesn't like a good greasing now and then. . . kind of like an all you can eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken or MacDonalds!!!

    MMMMMM doggie!!!

    Buddy of mine who lived outside of me, 2000 years ago, mentioned something to me the other day about man cannot serve both Greasy Money and Abba. One has to pick-ka one.

    Oh beware of that treacherous Black Hole-la of Prosperity-teeeachin!

    It might just suck you and your wallet in.

    I am stickin' to my bros. Paul's advise...I am determined to know nothing....

  2. Ahhh, but you see my brutha Walkin Church-a... I do not serve monay. Monay serves MEEEEE! And it can serve you too, if you simply sow your seed-a into mah ministray! Thank you, and I know you'll be faithful to your faith in what you do for the Lord, to send in your extra-special multiple-time love offrin's. Just call 1-800-GIVE-2-SLICK. Operators are sitting by, waiting to receive my monay.

  3. Dearest The Very, Verily I say onto you, Extra Rev J-10 Sick Breezz-a

    You won me over!

    Yes blessed be the tithes that bind!!! All the more reason for a good greasin.

    I am fund raising myself. Please send money so we can purchase more land for our hiking trails - in gratitude - we would even make a trail comprised of solid gold bricks having your name engraved on each.

    Some day we are hoping to build a glass tree-ya house! Oh my...Nearer my God to Thee! It could also double as a call centre for your ministry. It would not be your average grab, I mean, 'glass' tower of power.

    We are also hoping that you could fund our bus ministry...or should I say misery...we need to build a stretch Escalade so our hikers can ride in true fellowship to our woodsie-inreach. So a little outreach on your part would go a long way bother Grease.

    We are working very hard and our works are not nearly done.

  4. WOOHOO! I have seen the $$$$, I mean the LIGHT! If I send my life savings, could I possibly receive a greasy prayer cloth touched by the Most Very Extra Reverend J. Slick? I would, of course, want it to be thoroughly greasy! Maybe you could wipe the back of your chair, Reverend? Where your holier than thou head rested? Why who needs GRACE when GREASE can be bought?!? I've always thought we should DO OUR PART!

    Your Sister by Another Mother in a Parallel Universe

  5. WC-ya! You are nearly one-quarter as holy as me, which is more than anyone else I've ever met (in my universe or in my brother Joel's universe, or even in Canada!), and for that I say you are well on your way to great slick-ness some glo-o-o-rious day-ya! I would thank you for doing your part, with all those wonderful ideas you have, but it might just make your head swell up as big as mine is, and there's barely even room for mine.

    Sista Jamie. Sista, sista... The only problem with greasy prayer cloths that have been touched by MEEE, is that they are therefore too holy to be in the presence of most people. However, I'll have my wife, Gracey, slick one up for ya, away from my presence, and we'll send it off to ya (for a large donation, of course). I do think you're also well on your way to great slickness, with your talk of DOING YOUR PART. Only thing is, can you talk the talk as good as I can???