Friday, May 15, 2009

God is Good - That's the Point (video blog)


  1. Brathar Slick is not going to be too pleased with you if you keep on with that type of talk. (giggling)

  2. Uh, I forgot the point...LOL Nah, excellent, Joel. Surely Christ in us will COMPEL us to love more so than obligations.

    Hey, Breeze!! Did you pick up a tapeworm in Atlanta? :D

  3. WC, I haven't heard from ol' Slick in a while. Maybe he slipped back into his other universe. At one time he gave me an inter-universal cell phone, which he told me to call him with only if I had an emergency, such as having trouble keeping one of the 10 Commandments. I hesitate to try, but maybe I'll just have to see if he's doing ok.

    Jamie, Christ in us... love... yes! Compelled by life and love.

    Something tells me I should 'get' your tapeworm comment (it sounds familiar), but it's not coming to mind. Help me out?! :)

  4. I think Slick should counter with his own video to further pull apart the debate...i think followers of grace roots deserve such a viewing opportunity. We must fully see both sides of the debate.


  5. It could be that Slick lost his $5,000 tie and is embarrassed to show himself! We'll see... ;)