Saturday, May 16, 2009

Missing the Point of the Scriptures (video blog)

Exploring the idea of my last video a little further. I take a look at how the wrong premise about what the Christian life is all about leads to skewed views of various scriptures. When the premise is that we're supposed to always be teaching each other "what to do," then we often miss the point entirely. I look at one passage in particular, Hebrews 7, to show how the church has honed in on a certain aspect of "doing" and has missed the point of the passage entirely! My hope in all this is to highlight the love, grace and goodness of God!


  1. So true! I had read this chapter thinking that it was saying that tithing was something we do because Abraham had tithed and missed the point. God showed me a short time later, no, it is about the new priesthood in Jesus!
    Awesome video

  2. Hi Candace... I'm glad to see you here! I'll be checking out your blog.

    Yep, it's interesting how we read our own preconceived ideas into things. I know I can be just as guilty of that as anyone else. But yeah, I've found that when we take some time to really see what's being said... as the Holy Spirit leads, of course... then we often get an entirely different picture than we originally had.

  3. Thanks! I can never stop learning from the Holy Spirit! God is so Awesome!