Sunday, March 29, 2009

Radical Friendship

A lot of this past weekend is still sinking in. A weekend full of memories that will last a lifetime! Words are not coming to me at this time. I think my body and mind are tired, all due to some very wonderful things, so I'll most likely post more words about the weekend at another time.

Steve McVey and Paul Anderson-Walsh hosted the Radical Sonship Conference in Atlanta. It was definitely some radical teaching, all based on some themes lifted from the book of Ephesians. But like I said, I'll have to focus on sharing some of the radical teachings later, and for now I'll focus on my radical friends with whom I got to share in all this! I really can't even adequately describe the feelings I had this weekend, as I came face to face with these friends who have only lived inside my computer up till now! It was a sweet, sweet time.

First off though, a pic of the miles and miles of fluffy cotton over which I got to see the most beautiful sunrise ever! On Friday morning I left Cedar Rapids in the early hours of the morning, while it was dark and cloudy. Heading east towards Detroit, we flew above these clouds, and soon I saw a little orange ball in the distance, rising fairly quickly as we were heading towards it at 5-600 miles per hour, with the earth below spinning quickly in the same direction! I wasn't able to get the camera in a position to photograph the sunrise, but it really was a beautiful glimpse of the beauty of God.

Below - Gary Kirkham, Matthew Campbell and me

John Fincher and Jamie Weeks
A partial view of the conference room

Steve McVey teaching

More to come. See also descriptions of the weekend and pics from Matthew, Gary, Sherry, John, Jamie.


  1. Joel! It surely is a 'radical friendship'. I totally agree. Thank you for these pics!

  2. Joel,
    Thank you for posting these pictures! I have also seen the pics Matthew, Gary, Jamie have posted on their blogpages as well! I'm just so thrilled you had the opportunity to meet each other.

    I so wish I could see you all in person, as well, soon. Yet, I cannot attend this Summer's Blog get-together due to finances. Sigh...

    Hopefully, I will in the future, however, if a get-together happens. If not that, most surely I can't wait to see everyone on Papa's side of Heaven.

    I am very eager to hear how the conference went, what radical thoughts were shared there, and your fellowship with Gary, John, Steve, Jamie, Ryan and Matt!!

    ~Amy :)

  3. Bino,

    Radical indeed!


    It would be truly wonderful to meet you in person, along with others in the blogging community! Hopefully someday soon Papa will make it happen. And like you said, if not "here," then "there." :)

    It's wonderful to be able to have such free communication on the internet, but real life truly is a sweet experience.