Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Online Study Tonight

Hi all,

I can't remember for sure, but I think last week I had mentioned that the Recover Your Good Heart online study would be on for tonight. However, I hadn't thought of others who were traveling out of Atlanta today, just as I was, and last night we talked about how it would be better to not have the study tonight. So... chapter 10 of the study guide will be discussed next Sunday, and we hope you can be a part of it! I'm very thankful to the book's author, Jim Robbins for having written this book, as well as the study guide that has provided many great thoughts and questions that have been the catalyst for many great discussions!

We've talked about doing something else after we're done with this study. Many who have taken part in this study have really enjoyed the relationship aspect of it. Friendships have been built, and like I said, there have been many great conversations. Others have been part of the chats in a more quiet way, and have told me they've simply enjoyed watching what everyone else has had to say. I think it's wonderful that technology (specifically Yahoo Messenger) has made all of this possible!

As for what we do next, I've thought about doing the Grace Walk Experience and I'm also open to other suggestions. More info to come.


  1. I've already got a copy of the Grace Walk Experience so, of course, I vote for that. LOL

    Seriously, though, it's a great workbook and I think everyone would enjoy it.

  2. I've browsed through the workbook during the two times I saw Steve McVey when he was here in town, but I never actually purchased it... until this past weekend in Atlanta. It really does seem like a book people would enjoy, so we'll see if that will work for people.

  3. A workbook will be quite different than asking a few questions per chapter like we did for Robbins book.

    I've been through this study (I'm not saying I wouldn't LOVE to do it again), but just not sure how it will play out online.

    That said, I'll do whatever the group decides.

    I'm easy - like a Sunday morning. :-)

  4. That's a good thought, John. I just now took a deeper look at the workbook. It's of course a larger book, with a lot more reading than the RYGH study guide, and it's broken down into 5 days per section, with 8 sections. Might be harder to adapt into an online study. I'll keep things open for ideas, and perhaps we can talk about it on Sunday.

  5. Ok, my two cents. ;-)

    How about a BIBLE study, hmmm? We ALL have Bibles. Maybe a small book like Jude or 1,2,3 John or Peter's epistles?

    If we DO do GWE, I probably won't go thru the workbook again, but just be a part of the online study.

    Like I said before, I will do anything y'all want. It's all good.

  6. Me too, Joel. I'm open to whatever everyone else wants.

  7. Poop! I can't be there this Sunday night! Easter play at church...SORRY! I'll MISS y'all!! :(

  8. John,

    You want to bring the Bible into this??? What's that got to do with anything? Hehehe! I suppose there might be a good thought or two to glean from that old book. :)

    I'm open to anything too... anything to provide us with some sort of jumping off point for some great discussion.

    And I agree, stupid Easter play. Leaving your friends behind all for some dumb church function. Pleh! ;)

    You WILL be missed, Jamie!