Friday, March 13, 2009

Go Go's - Head Over Heels

Follow up to yesterday's Trust Your Divine Dance Partner post, which featured the great advice given to Belinda Carlisle earlier this week on Dancing With the Stars. Here she is with her band the Go Go's, singing the song Head Over Heels. These days this song speaks to me about the busyness, craziness and deceit of religion - and its ultimate failure - and the finding of freedom in our rest in Christ and in the new heart we've been given.

Oh yeah, and it's just a fun song!

Go Go's - Head Over Heels

Been running so long
I've nearly lost all track of time
In every direction
I couldn't see the warning signs
I must be losin' it
Cuz my mind plays tricks on me
It looked so easy
But you know looks sometimes deceive

Been running so fast
Right from the starting line
No more connections
I don't need any more advice
One hand's just reaching out
And one's just hangin' on
It seems my weaknesses
Just keep going strong

Head over heels
Where should I go
Can't stop myself
Outta control
Head over heels
No time to think
Looks like the whole world's out of sync

Been running so hard
When what I need is to unwind
The voice of reason
Is one I left so far behind
I waited so long
So long to play this part
And just remembered
That I'd forgotten about my heart


  1. ........yay, the Go-Go's!! Fun!!

  2. Man, did I have crush on Belinda Carlisle back in the day! (And Exene Cervenka too. But that's another subject.)

    "I'd forgotten about my heart"

    Not to over-spiritualize the Go-Go's, but isn't this what man-centered religion lead to? We don't need a heart-level relationship with God if we have rules to follow...

  3. Yeah I wasn't gonna bring up any of my crushes from my teenage years... LOL... but I guess there's no reason to deny any of it. :-D

    This band of females sure was a lot of fun, and I followed Belinda Carlisle and Jane Wiedlin into their solo careers as well.

    Richard, you've caught the essence of what I saw in this song as well. Living by rules can perhaps have a good outward appearance for some people, but it totally takes away from the heart relationship we have with the God who gave us that new heart!