Friday, March 13, 2009

Wolf Man Kap

WELL, OF ALL THE MADKAP THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN THIS WORLD, MY FRIEND AND GROWING IN GRACE CO-HOST, MIKE "KAP" KAPLER, IS BACK ON THE RADIO AIRWAVES! Oops, I must've had my kaps lock on. Sorry. Anyway, of all the kaps he wears, Mike Kapler is back behind the Golden Spirit Microphone (I had to put on my thinking kap to come up with that) at the radio station he and I both used to be a part of, 89.1 'The Spirit' here in Iowa. The radio station is located in Cedar Rapids, which, by the way, is not the kapital city of Iowa, and, incidentally, is not located near any snow-kapped mountains.

The station plays a Positive Hit Music format, and you can listen online anytime by clicking on the above link. So grab a kappuccino and sit back and have a listen. Kap is on the air during drive time, from 2 to 6pm Central Time. Too bad it's not the night shift. That would be a nice alternative nightkap. FYI, the station is not part of any kap and trade system. Since this is a listener supported station, you can pledge your support if you'd like, helping it to stay afloat, and not kapsize... but just so you know, they do not accept donations of bottle kaps. Anyway, I tip my kap to The Kap, and wish him well as he kapitalizes on this opportunity to get back into doing something he's always loved!

To kap it all off, I was listening to Kap on the radio yesterday and he was talking about some news that I'd only heard as a rumor, but kaptured here in this blog post: Michael Tait (of DC Talk fame) is taking over for Peter Furler on the road on lead vocals for Newsboys! How kaptivating! Kap truly has the kapacity for sharing all kinds of such tidbits, so be sure to tune in. Speaking of Newsboys, remember when they did the song Breakfast on their Take Me To Your Leader CD? You know, the song that talks about toast burning and milk turning and Kap'n Krunch waving farewell? Well, on the liner notes on the CD, it says that some of the singalong vocals on the Breakfast song were done by the kaptive audience at an Ottumwa, Iowa concert (just two or three hours south of here).

One more thing... I cannot leave this out. It's that time of year when Kap and I put on our Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals baseball kaps, respectively. The season-long rivalry begins! Go Cardinals! Dekapitate the Cubs!!! Show 'em who's Kaptain!!!


  1. Joel--I want you to know, I am a little angry that you kapitalized on someone's name to make a blog post! Nonetheless, I was kaptivated as I read it.

    Is it true that Mike has also been named kaptain of the radio station's softball team? I head he looks great in a baseball kap...

  2. Hey guys,

    Just don't ask me to rekapitulate any of this. I don't know how many more words I can think of. I'm all kapped out!

  3. Urgggghh, time for a Kappuccino... :P

  4. Hey Joel, that was a fun read! :) kool!

  5. After Kap read this he told me I need to get out more often. Maybe I'll go to Kappadocia or Kapernaum!