Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trust Your Divine Dance Partner

I've heard the Christian life described as a dance with our Divine Partner, and perhaps you've heard that too. In order for a dance partners to dance beautifully, the man leads and the woman follows his lead. And in order for the woman to follow the man's lead, she needs to trust the man. She needs to trust his lead. She needs to trust his moves. She needs to trust that he will catch her. She needs to trust that he will take the right steps, so that when she moves he'll be right where she needs him to be in order for the choreography to flow smoothly. And so on.

I may or may not be describing all of that very well, but you get the gist. In the same way, we need to trust the lead of our Divine Dance Partner.

I'm not a huge fan of Dancing With the Stars. In fact I'll just say it: I've never watched the program before! Well, perhaps in flipping through the channels I've caught a minute or two of the show in the past. And that's exactly what I was doing a night or two ago when I came across the program. I just happened to catch the tail end of a performance with Belinda Carlisle (of the Go Go's fame from the 80's) and her dance partner, Jonathan Roberts. I then saw what the judges had to say, and I was captivated by this very interesting bit of advice from judge Carrie Ann Inaba as she spoke to Belinda:
"What I think you need to work on is trusting Jonathan. I felt like you were trying to do the choreography separate from Jonathan. You've got a great partner; just let him lead you."
We have a great Dance Partner, don't we?! He's not looking for us to perform well for Him, but rather to trust Him as He leads us in a beautiful Divine dance.

Check out Carrie Ann's words to Belinda, beginning at around 3:18 in this clip. This clip also features the Iowa native, Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson.


  1. I had fun watching this!! :)

    Love that one liner, so powerful, so true!!

  2. Lydia,

    Yeah, after watching this clip, I see how I could get into the show. It does look fun! And yeah, that line... a very memorable one.

  3. Very true, Joel!

    " just let him lead you."

  4. The rhythm of our Christian life is where we learn to trust our Divine Partner so we can be lead by Him is reflected in our earthly lives where a woman follows the man's lead with trust and faith…a lesson well taught…
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