Sunday, February 01, 2009

Recover Your Good Heart - No online study today

Due to the fact that I know that there are more of you out there who love the Super Bowl more than you love Jesus... LOL... I think it would be best to not have the Recover Your Good Heart online study today. We'll pick it up again next week.


  1. Don't make me read 'Brews' on your bros...'forsaking'...giggling

  2. Ahh... man, that's brutal. Ouuchh!

    Happy bowling to you too!!

    Don't think we don't know what YOU'LL be doing! :)

  3. WC,

    I think there will be more cold brew than He-Brews in the U.S. today. ;)


    Actually I do have a team in it this year... the AZ Cardinals... but I'm not all that huge of a sports fan so I usually just have it on in the background if I have it on at all.

    Why the Arizona Cardinals? Glad you asked! I'm originally from St. Louis, and I half-heartedly followed the St. Louis Cardinals while I was growing up. I then continued to follow the Cardinals when they moved to AZ 20 years ago. Also... Kurt Warner, current quarterback for AZ, is a local boy. He graduated from HS in a town near here and went to college at the University of Northern Iowa... just down the road from my house, about 4 miles. He later played for the St. Louis RAMS, another team I half-heartedly follow, and won the Super Bowl with them in 2000.

    All that to say... I'll most likely be doing my taxes today, with the big show on in the background. Sipping on some warm 'brew.'

  4. My money is on Pittsburgh - sorry.

    I use to watch a lot of American Football in the 80's and Washington was my preferred poison.

    I am partial to a Canadian beer over the American. My first choice would be a nice cold German Beck - usually after a hot afternoon behind the lawnmower.

    Well forsake not the game bros.

  5. WC,

    Friendly bet? Whoever loses has to go to an IC next Sunday.

    Just kidding! That's an unfriendly bet! I wouldn't wish that on anyone!

    BTW, is "German Beck" really a Canadian beer? My favorite beer tasting time was at a pub in England in 2001 with my brother and sisters. A lot of it I can't find in any stores here. Or if I can, it's too expensive!

  6. No Beck is German. Maybe your beer was a micro brewery beer for that pub. Next time you are north of the border you should check and see if it is up here in the Great White North. We seem to carry a lot of foreign beers here - lots of ties to Britain you know old chap.

  7. I don't know why, but when I read this earlier this morning, I read it as though you were saying that some people might not show up because of the super bowl but that the study will continue tonight. I could have sworn I posted a comment as well..Or did you delete it? LOL

    Am I losing my mind? My poptart relapse would explain it if that is the case.

  8. Just so you know, Joel...You're gonna have to say 50 hail mary's to get you outta this one. Ditching the study for a game of foolsball? Tut, tut.

  9. You ditched the study for football!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am disappointed... This is terrible.

    What is Super Bowl, btw? :)

    Just kidding. Have fun, yo all...

  10. Joel, surely you had to watch that last quarter last night! Double ouch!... (for the Cardinals anyways) - Dang! They had their chance though. Made for a great game - a little bit of a nail-biter at the end! Oh well, life goes on.

  11. WC,

    Now y'all got me itching again to come your way! I chatted briefly with Zenkman on Yahoo Messenger yesterday morning and he mentioned me coming that way. We'll see if Papa wants to make that happen this year. Also, I mentioned to him that you said you had talked with him, and he said he got to meet you and your family. Cool beans... When you said that you talked with him I didn't realize that meant that you had met him!

    Matthew & Bino,

    I'm sorry I had to "punt" on this yesterday. I didn't realize my "passing" on this would cause such a "blitz" of harsh treatment from you all. LOL ;)

    Seriously though, my intentions were not selfish. When I woke up yesterday morning and was getting ready for work, and was going over my upcoming day in my head, it suddenly popped in there that the game was going to be happening during our chat. I thought about calling the NFL and seeing if they could postpone the game, or maybe even do it a bit early, but I couldn't find their number in the phone book. Even google didn't help!

    Haha... So anyway, I thought I'd go ahead with the chat, but then I kept on thinking about all kinds of people I've talked with this week who don't care one iota about the big game, but yet are having parties and that kind of thing... so that's why I figured I'd just cancel it for that day, just in case anyone had other things going on.

    When I logged on to Yahoo to post my message that it was canceled, Aida popped on and gave me a slight ribbing about it... LOL. But she also sort of 'confirmed' my thoughts, because she said she was going to be part of a get-together and she wouldn't have been able to make it.

    So anyway, all this simply means that we'll have another week to look forward to chatting!

  12. Lydia,

    IC, also affectionately referred to as OREC, stands for "Institutional Church." :)

    Oh, and OREC stands for "Organized Religious Entertainment Center." =D

  13. FS,

    Yeah, that was quite something! I was walking on the treadmill during the time when they were coming from behind and I almost had to get off because my heart was beating so fast... LOL. Usually only the baseball playoffs do that to me... and I don't know why - it's JUST A GAME - hehehe - but in this case I was really rooting for Kurt and the team. The last play of the first half is what got me. The Cardinals were feet away from a touchdown, only to have a pass intercepted and ran all the way down, 100 yards, for a touchdown. The touchdown would've put them ahead 14-10, but they ended up being behind 17-7. One play changed it all.

    But you win some, you lose some!

  14. See, I knew you were watching! :)
    Yeah, that play was awesome!! Even though it was the team you weren't rooting for. (BTW: I, too, was rooting for the Cardinals - It seems like those Steelers are hogging all the Super Bowl glory! :)

    Like I said... life goes on. It's SO not a big deal in the grand scheme of things!

  15. Haha! Yeah, I didn't mean to imply that I wasn't planning on watching the game. :) I either would've had it on in the background during our chat, or I would've watched whatever was left of the game after the chat. Really, I just didn't want to leave anyone out who might've made other plans. If I'd've thought of this earlier in the week, I guess I could've asked if events surrounding the game would've been a hindrance to anyone.

    And you're soooo right... there are a handful of men playing a game on a football field, along with a staff for each team. All of them are ordinary average people, just like us. I don't think in God's eyes any of us are any more or less special. It's really not such a big deal!