Monday, February 02, 2009

You win some, you lose some

She's standing there, and she folds her hands together tightly and presses them against her chest. She then closes her eyes and begins to pray. Her heart is pounding. She's in a dire, desperate place, and she needs the Lord to come through.

"Lord, please help my Super Bowl team win!!!"

Ok, so I couldn't really see exactly what was going on in the minds and souls of the people that I saw in the stands last night on TV, but what else would have been going on inside of them when that's what they were doing? Not just the ladies, of course. I simply used a woman as an example because one in particular stands out to me. But I think I even saw some men crying!

Is God really for your team? Do you think your prayers move Him to give favor to a certain player or team in order to make them win a game? In other words, just because you want it to happen, is He gonna do it??? Or what if more people are praying for one team than are praying for the other team?

I'm being silly, of course. And I admit... while I don't PRAY for my team to win, certain games (mostly baseball, but sometimes football or basketball) get my adrenaline running, and I can feel pretty darn happy and excited when my team wins and pretty darn sad and disheartened when they lose.

But it's just a game. And I have no control over it! I've been a very casual sports fan (I really don't know if I even fit into that mild description) since I was a boy. I'll keep up with my favorite baseball team (St. Louis Cardinals) throughout the baseball season, checking the standings almost daily. I'll sit down and watch 1/3 to 1/2 of a game sometimes. I guess I become more of a fanatic at playoff time, mainly for baseball, but also sometimes for basketball and football. But ask me who won the big titles over the years, and I don't have a clue! Except the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series in 1982 and 2006! I remember those things!

But I never pray for my team to win, as if I think God favors my team more than the other. These people are ordinary average people, just like you and me. They're doing their jobs just like you and me. They're getting paid - not like you and me, but a whole LOT more! Haha! But really, they are no different than us. What do you think? Does God have special favor for a sports team??? Does He watch the season go by, and then waits till playoff time when people start praying for their guys, and then He decides who's gonna win??? Is it based upon the team that has the most Christians? Or the most high profile Christians?

The Arizona Cardinals shoulda won last night, because Kurt Warner was the most high profile Christian out there on the field!!! And the Cardinals used to be from my original home town, St. Louis!!! And Kurt's from the state where I've lived most of my life, Iowa!!! And he went to college just 4 miles down the road from my house!!! And at one time he sacked groceries at the Hy-Vee store that I sometimes go to!!! It's no fair!!!!!!

Hehehe! Anyway... no deep point here. It's just a game. You win some, you lose some!


  1. I too, was rooting for the Cardinals, but near the game I had a chance to win a 'pool' so I switched allegiance to the Steelers.

    My tean lost but the Steelers won and I won some dough.

    I had never won a pool...ever.

    I pray I don't do something stupid with the money.


    - Steve Martin San Clemente, CA

  2. Yes. I think God favors ALL of my favorite teams because I'm on His REAL good side.

    I've been good all my life; gone to church for most of it; read my bible almost daily for much of it; gone to every bible study I could make; prayed like no one's probably ever prayed before (Tee Hee); taught Sunday school; interned with the youth group; gone to summer church camp every year - oh yeah, AND mission trips, both in high school AND college; led girl's small groups; mentored younger girls; sung about every worship song ever made; I've listened to only christian radio stations; oh yeah... and never drank, smoked, or chewed, or went with girls who do-ed (I mean did) - (well at least not till I was grown-up... but, THEN it's all legal, right??); and... let's see... what have I left out? Oh yeah, and never slept around either.

    So, you can see how He would favor MY teams more than any others. :)
    If you're REAL nice to me... I MIGHT let you in on my list of favorites, too. But, you might have to present your list of good deeds so that I can look it over and decide if you qualify or not. ;)

    LOL! :)
    Sorry, couldn't help myself!

  3. Joel,
    Ha ha ha! No. I don't think God favors any one team over another. It's really totally up to the players. However, I do believe the Holy Spirit may work within/help some athletes play well...but none of us knows all the workings of that. However, I don't think God is wanting one team to win over another.

    Yep, of course I wanted the Cardinals to win. They were the underdogs, I live in Arizona, Kurt Warner is an awesome player both athletically and is vocal about his relationship with Christ. As well, that 4th quarter in the game....was awesome.

    But, of course, there had to be a team that lost. We win some, we lose some (those who we are "rooting" for). That's how it must be!

    In the Game of the Life of Believers in Christ Jesus...everybody wins! Whoo hoo!

    ~Amy :)

  4. I thought I saw your nemesis on during the half time - the very, very Reverend J. Slick Breeze offering up prayers (for a fee) for the team of each who would call into to his 1-800-Jay-Breza.

    Obviously bra - you not reading your Bible enough or praying enough, or givin enough for Jez-zus or the very Reverend J. Slick Breeze-a!

  5. What? God don't care who wins? Of course He does.
    He uses a mathematical formula to determine the result (Which takes many things in consideration - the number of Christians in the team, number of prayer requests He received on behalf of each team etc). I think yesterday He didn't favor Cardinals because he didn't like the color 'red'.

  6. Steve,

    You should pray more and you'll win more pools! LOL... just kidding! Cool that you won the pool. Don't beat yourself up over what you do with the money. :)


    I know you're lying, because I just saw your comment on Bino's Find out if you are a legalist... post. ;)

    Sorry, but you're gonna hafta start trying harder. Still, nice try. But I am glad you never went with girls who do-ed. LOL :)


    Interesting point, the thought that the Holy Spirit may work within/help some athletes play well. Haven't ever thought of that, but I suppose that just as He does the same in all of us in our various vocations, giftings, etc, for His own purposes and glory, He can do the same in athletes as they do what He has called them to do. True, though, as you say, that none of us knows the inner workings of all that.

    Kurt is a neat guy. The guy who does the play by play for the UNI Panthers (our local university) recently told the story of the time when Kurt had broken into 'fame' outside of our local area. This is when he became the starting QB for the St. Louis Rams in 1999-2000. Kurt was visiting back home, and attending a Panthers game. He was noticed by those in the press box, who already knew him, and he gave to ok for them to announce that he was at the game. Suddenly he was surrounded by kids (and adults) who wanted his autograph, and he gladly did that. He then went up to the booth, and if I remember the story right, he volunteered his time as a guest on the air for a big chunk of the game.

    He seems to always be giving of his time and resources in so many different ways. He truly doesn't seem to be in this for himself.


    Yeah, Brutha Slick sent me a text message just before the game and told me to watch for him. He also wanted me to call all my friends and post a blog and post it on facebook, myspace, on forums and wherever else I could. I accidentally forgot. Oops. Yeah, that ol' brother of mine, definitely no Kurt Warner.


    I think I saw that formula on TBN one time! I now wish I would've paid attention!

    Speaking of the Cardinals and the color red... Someone on Facebook noted that his wife was rooting for the Cardinals because they were wearing red. Talk about a true, in-depth sports fan!!!