Friday, January 30, 2009

Radical Sonship Conference - Atlanta - March 27-28

Heads up on what looks to be a great conference in Atlanta in March! Paul Anderson-Walsh and Steve McVey are joining together for the Radical Sonship Conference, to be held Friday evening and all day Saturday, March 27-28. For details and registration information, click here. The conference is free, with an offering received to cover expenses. I'll be there, thanks to the help of some of my great friends!

It may be a surprise to some, but this will only bee the second time ever that I've attended any type of grace/exchanged-life conference or seminar! I suppose the reason is simply because there hasn't been much of that type of thing around here that I know of. In the past, Steve McVey has held Grace Walk Conferences at the Vineyard church here in town (before I knew of the church), and he's been here a couple of times since then, once for what I'd call 'weekend preaching' and once for a conference other than an actual Grace Walk Conference.

I've actually had thoughts in passing, but never impressed all that heavily upon my heart, to host this sort of thing myself. I think it would be hard work, but well worth it! I've got plenty to keep me busy for now, so we'll see. :) Maybe I should open up an exchanged life Midwest chapter. LOL... Anyway, I just wanted to pass on the info about the Radical Sonship Conference.


  1. Ya I was talking to Zenker today...I too mentioned that that would be a hoot to go to. Got to roll my coin...L0L

  2. Oh!! WC, please come!! Puh-leaze!!! :)

  3. Canada in Atlanta! WC, I agree with RJW... would be great to see you there! And Zenkman too if he's going.