Monday, November 10, 2008

Updated blog list

A little shop talk.

In case you haven't seen it, I added the Blog List gadget to the side of my blog the other day, as well as the "Followers" gadget. (I formerly had some blogs linked to using my own HTML). I don't necessarily like the word "Followers" in this respect (perhaps "Readers" would be better?). But nevertheless my main purpose in using these features is simply because over the past couple of years I've seen how blogging has connected various people around the world, and to me this is simply one more way for people to connect. I'm also planning an update to my list of websites when I can get around to it.

I also want to say that my list is somewhat diverse, and they're listed according to "most recently updated." It includes 'real life' friends and family, as well as many people who I've met only through blogging and online forums. I, of course, read a lot of blogs that are based upon grace and freedom in the Lord Jesus Christ and I also read various other blogs that have other aspects to them that interest me. In say all this as kind of a disclaimer. My list is not necessarily an endorsement of all these blogs (around 70 at the present time) and neither do I believe all these people would necessarily endorse this blog. :)

By the way, if you know that I regularly read your blog, and/or if you comment here on this blog, and your name is not on my blog list - please let me know! I took only a little bit of time to import the feeds from my feed reader into Google Reader and then into the Blog List, and I had a some difficulties along the way and I just didn't have time to make sure I had every last blog added. If you're not there, there's a 99% chance that it was an accident.

In case you're wondering - No I don't read ALL these blogs every day! One obvious reason is that many of them don't get updated every day. But also, with limited time, I kind of scan the headlines and pick and choose what I actually read out of the ones that are updated frequently. Some of you who are closer friends - I do read all your blog posts.

Happy blogging!


  1. Joel,
    As always, your page looks wonderful! What a treasure trove it is for a wealth of resources!

    ~Amy :)

  2. Okay, the first thing I checked in your list was whether my blog was listed there. If not, I was going to remove yours from my list right away. :) But you are smart, you added mine already. Good for you... lol

  3. I love the new blog set up (thanks for adding mine)...Ted is out of town and I have spent the last two hours entertaining myself checking out some of your list....Thank you for the uncontrollable laughter and joy it has brought to my evening....

  4. Pick me! Pick me!

    I have links to your blog….

    *insert pleading puppy face here*

    ….I even comment on your blog….

    …I even have a “Christian” header now….

    …I talk about grace all the time…

    …and I’m a follower of yours…


    I actually explain above my links “some of the places I like to engage with others” and I agree I don’t like the “follower” thing either…

    It is interesting how community can grow in blogging…I see one blog in your listing that I am guessing you must have found thru my blog…

  5. Hey, little brother! You scared me there for a while. Like Bino I checked to see if my blog was there and I didn't see it on your list. Then I found it under the Show All section and I knew all is well.

    I've got a Followers gadget on my blog too. I wasn't going to use it but then people started signing up so I decided to add it. I agree it's a nice way to connect even more and I've made some new friends that way.

  6. Amy,

    Thanks! When I find things that I think would be useful to other people, I like to share. :)


    I'll be watching you...

    (Your blog, that is, to see if I stay listed there!) LOL


    I'm glad you've had some fun with the links!


    I just realized that I had your "Life on the Blade" blog listed but I didn't have "Creation on the Blade." I just added it.

    Also, yep I've found several blogs through yours. I have many of them bookmarked, but perhaps not in my feed reader. At one point I had collected way too many blogs to read and I had to stop checking them all daily. This gives me an idea to go back through my bookmarks and perhaps add some of them to my blog list.


    Yeah, I'm starting out by having it list the 25 blogs that have been most recently updated, instead of showing all of them at once. I'm hoping that doesn't trick anyone into thinking that I didn't include them! Like you say, clicking Show All clears that up. :)

    I love the small "family of friends" that has formed through the world of blogging. While I feel kind of 'possessive' of some of you who I've gotten to know the most during the past year or year and a half (longer for some), my desire has always been to see people connected with others and I'm more than glad to "share" my friends in this way. =D

  7. Hey Joel, it's Jamie...

    No, it's Matthew...

    we like the blog list...WE ARE AT THE TOP!! ;)

    Wish you were here...and your SNOW!!

  8. Hi Joel, it all looks good, I copied off of Aida with the followers thing :-) it always seemed like an odd widget to me as well but after seeing it in use it looked pretty cool. I found an interesting bookshelf I copied off of another blog, I'm a copy cat LOL.

  9. RJM,

    (heh heh)

    Would be great to be there wit ya! I'm sure you've all enjoyed your time together on this extended weekend. I'm getting some large boxes, each about the size of a city, and then next time we get snow I'm sending it your way!


    "Copy catting" is one thing I've done a lot of when looking around at other blogs. :) It's great to find things that other people are doing and 'copy' them... LOL...

    I like the bookshelf thing, and will add it as well when I get a few minutes to figure it out.

  10. Hi Joel, I don't like that followers wording either, I tried to get in there and change that on mine but blogger wouldn't let me.

    For some reason my blog list is down today but when I get in there to try and tool it, it still show's my list, I see yours seems to be working.


    ps. hey everyone I kinda use Joels page as a Hub, I'm lazy and so I figure let him do the keeping up.... tee hee...

  11. Leonard,

    The very first thing I did when I set mine up was to look for the place where I could change the wording, and you're right - it's simply not to be found. For that reason, I hesitated to put it up. But then I decided, like I shared here, that the benefits outweighed it all, so I went for it.

    Hubba hubba, huh. For several months I've toyed around with the idea of creating some sort of website that would be a portal or hub for other grace and freedom sites. Who knows, it might just come to pass...

  12. I Think we've already found a Hub, but hey knock yourself out brother O mine.


  13. I am loving your blog already.....Feel free to visit mine.

  14. Thanks for stopping by, Phil, and for your kind comment. I'll check out your blog.

  15. Hey Ron and Joel! I saw the bookshelf too and plan on putting one on my blog once I get some time.

    I saw the one you put up, Ron. It looks good. I didn't know you could add so many books.

  16. I just deleted a spam comment that someone posted here. If anyone received a notification in their email for that comment, make sure you don't click the link on it.

  17. Once again, I just deleted a comment that had a malicious link in it. Although it's deleted from this page, it probably went to the email of those who have commented here. Don't click the link! :)