Monday, November 10, 2008

God So Loved

Jaci Velasquez - God So Loved


  1. Video doesn't really do song justice.

    Strikes me as a burlesque gospel: chick, hot gospel...but a tad self we worship her or Him. I couldn't tell if she was done hugging herself or if she was about to strip.

    Got mixed messages on this..maybe it is just me.

  2. Having been in the 'biz' (Christian radio) for 11 1/2 years (out of it for about 2 1/2 years now), I've wrestled with the whole "image" thing time and time again.

    Not enough time to go through the whole process that I went through over the years. I'll just say that I don't have the same problem with this video. I've come to a place where I eat the chicken and throw out the bones, so to speak, when it comes to music and video. It's the same reason I can post a Twisted Sister or Metallica video. There's so much that's undesirable about them, but in the midst of it there is substance that speaks to me. It's not for everyone, that's for sure.

    I do understand exactly what you're saying. I was involved for a decade or so in an online Christian music forum. The same sorts of things were brought up about Rebecca St. James, Barlow Girl, Amy Grant, etc.

    And it's true - there are all kinds of negative things that can be brought up. They say they're against the "image" of outward beauty, but yet that's exactly how they present themselves.

    In the end, it's not that I'm done wrestling with all of this, but if I see something that is worth sharing, even if there's some fluff or image stuff to get over, I'm more prone to share it.

  3. Promise me Joel that The very Reverend J Slick does not do a 'burlesque gospel' radio show. . cause we know there is a dollar, a cleo dollar that is, in selling carnality.


  4. I heard that Rev. Slick was a big fan of Third Day at one time, until they started referring to themselves as "rock stars." And also he went to a concert and saw the huge "CHEVROLET" banner over the stage, advertising their huge sponsor, and he went into a fit of rage!

    It's not that he had a problem with 'rock stars' or huge sponsors. Rather, it's that nobody called him a rock star, and also he couldn't figure out why the Chevy people would give such huge sums of money to people who weren't HIM!

  5. Recent news suggests the Governments in N. America will be giving large amounts of money to the N.A. car manufacturers soon!!!

    He should consider manufacturing 'Pope-mobiles' for some $ handouts. Somewhat self-serving...

  6. Hmmmmmmmmm... I'm on it. I'll call mine the Slick-mobile. No, actually The Extra Very Slick Mobile. Leather seats, gold hubcaps, power-everything... and a MEGAPHONE so I can SHOUT the holy word to everyone I pass. I'll order a whole fleet, not cause I need 'em, but just to show off the blessings of Gawwwd-d. Alleluia Amen!