Sunday, November 09, 2008

Grace and Love

Latest GIGCAST is up. This week we talk a little more about how "grace" is not simply one subject of many, but is the essence of every aspect of the Christian life and we talk about the biblical idea of what it means to have fallen from grace by going back to trusting in our own works. Along with all this, we talk about how God's unconditional love cannot be separated from His grace, and how growing in our understanding of God's love can change our entire mindset of who He is and who we are in Him.


  1. Honk if you listen to this show regularly, Just curious.


  2. When we focus on grace in the fulness of its meaning, we will keep the law, liberty, and love in their proper relationship to one another. But if we focus on any one of them instead of on grace, you will invariably end up in the swamp of either legalism or license!

    *I am in desperate need of your prayers! First Penn State lost and last night my Eagles went down!!! Help.......

    "Depressed Pennsyvanian"

  3. Honk. I do listen, in order to critique myself. Don't know if it helps any. :)


    Grace certainly does put everything else in perspective and in right alignment.

    Even the losses of two favorite football teams. ;) (Sorry, couldn't resist...)

  4. Ooooh nice, yeahhhh this is gooooood, this is gooooood, another brilliant idea leonard

    Regularly can mean once a month or so...