Monday, October 27, 2008

Video blog

Sure, I have fun posting odd things from time to time. And I mostly get great enjoyment out of sharing the good news of the grace of God, and interacting with all of you as we encourage one another in the gospel.

But who am I, really? Don't let this video fool you! =D

Just for fun!


  1. Joel,
    Ha ha ha! I love this!!!! Good to "see" you, my friend!

    ~Amy :)

  2. Everyone should be doing this lol. Good on ya' Mate.

  3. Joel!!!!
    This is FANTASTIC!!! This is FABULOUS!!!

    YIKES! You are soooo brave! I like cowering behind my keyboard!;)

    I dreaded putting my picture up...but love of Matt and our joy persuaded me.

    THANK YOU for "fleshing" out Joel for us! You is bee-u-tee-ful too! :)

    Love, your peeps in the South.

  4. All I could think was...

    "this is the guy who was afraid to be on the radio?!!"

    God has done a work in you :)

  5. Jamie you are beautiful!! I'll have no lip about it!!!


    You do the macarena like a pro!! You are hilarious. Do the boot scootin' boogy! LOL It's about time I make a new one too. I will try it out tonight. I just hate uploading the darn thing on youtube. Grrr!!

  6. C'mon I wanted to see you do the dance!!! I dare ya!! Good fun.......!!! Love it!!

    Now how do you do that...........time for a video blog post lesson 101!!

  7. Hey everybody... I agree with Ron, everybody should be doing this! :)

    Of course, to come out of the shell like this isn't necessarily an everyday event for me... LOL. Yeah, for the quiet guy in the corner who spent 11 years in radio, sometimes I wonder about myself.

    Boot scootin' boogy huh? The Macarena dance? Hmmm. I'll have to ponder that for my next life!

    Walking Church, I'll try to answer your question with another video!

  8. Lydia,

    I meant to respond to your question earlier but forgot. I use my webcam to record these, and then if I want to edit the videos in any way, I open them up in Windows Movie Maker (comes free with Windows) and I edit them that way.

    I then upload them to my youtube account (free - anyone can have a youtube account) and I link to it on my blog just like any other video.

    Hope this helps, and hope to see you and the others on video soon too!!!

    (Matthew, it IS about time you made a new one!!)

  9. Loved this, Joel!! So cool to get a better picture ( I mean, more real, not that your actual picture is bad, or needs to be, crap, where's that foot I can insert??) and have a real voice to associate with it!
    Thanks!! Lots of fun!

  10. Free Spirit,

    I did this on a whim, literally. :) Like I said, I truly enjoy writing, and reading what others have to say, and that's really the foundation of blogging (it's a "web log," or journal), but I think it's great to see and hear more of the person as they are in, well, person. :)

  11. Loved it, Joel. You are a person of many talents. I was imporessed.

  12. Aida,

    "Talents" is a very subjective word. LOL