Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Boone pickin's :)

These are for Walking Church, and Walking Church alone!

(...And/or anyone else).

A few more songs from Pat Boone's In A Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy album.

I was told to include a warning so...

Warning: You may like these better than I do, or you may not like them as well as I do. ;)

Pat "lives it up" in Judas Priest's You've Got Another Thing Comin'

Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven makes Pat wonder

Pat goes deep with Dio's Holy Diver

Dueling "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep's" in Metallica vs. Pat Boone - Enter Sandman


  1. What a way to start the work weekend...I cannot begin to thank you enough...I mean it....cannot begin!!!

    The first cut crashed my media player.

    The second was just plain, plain, plain, WRONG!!!

    The third cuts explains the benefits of drinking way too much milk instead of the occasional nip of Jack D's. (Perhaps one needs to be medicated to truly appreciate this 'art' form)...actually some trivia..I have reason to believe the American Army used these Pat tunes on Sodam's strong holds as part of psych warfare campaign.

    The forth video - well...well this is a feature played nightly by the brimstone hell 'o'...

    Off to burn my Pat Albums and crush my Pat CD's

  2. I agree - that's just wrong. And, Joel, it you admit to liking this, I have to repeat that punch line to the great old joke, "Dang brother, I don't think I would have told that!" ;-)


  3. BTW, these are the WORST arrangements I have EVER heard! I say it again, there are NONE worse!

  4. Story of my life since coming to grace. [sigh]

    Once again I share the deep, deep things that move my heart, swimming upstream, going against the flow, and all I get is persecution and mockery, even from my brothers in Christ.

    I'm telling Dad!

  5. So I watched Poltergeist last night, and it didn't seem nearly as scary as when I was a boy. Are you guys perhaps trying to tell me that my affinity for these songs has desensitized me to scary things in some way??? ;)

  6. Been meaning to talk to you bros. . .

  7. Now that's scary! The last person who said that to me ended up chewing me out for not bringing my butt to the 'sanctuary' in a while. ;)

    However, I know that I know that I know that I know that that's not what you have in mind. Whew!

  8. I like the songs Joel, lol, but then again I like opera. Actually I like almost all music, and Poltergeist is still one of my favorites. :-)

  9. Ron,

    The only Opera I like is the web browser that most people don't use... :) ... but I do like quite a wide range of music.

    As for Poltergeist, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it last night! My wife doesn't go for the horror flicks at all so we don't usually have them on... but she's busy with other stuff this week so it's a fine opportunity for me to enjoy some of the spooks shows that are on this week, that I don't normally get to watch.

  10. Joel,
    I saw Poltergeist TWICE when it was in first run. Loved it. I think the "good" ghost-story movie is few and far between. They are usually good right up until the end when they have to try to explain it and it usually falls apart.

    Ones I have enjoyed:

    The Changeling (George C. Scott, not Angelina Jolie)

    The Haunting (1960)

    The Wicker Man (1973) (Considered a horror movie, but it's not really)(If you like Celtic folk music [I know *groan*, I can say I like that but not Pat Boone!], then you will LOVE it)

    Legend of Hell House (This is one that falls apart at the end, but is worth watching)

    Halloween (The first one - I DON'T like slasher flicks, but I think this one is subtle enough to just enjoy the claustrophobic terror)

    Ghost Story

    Mothman Prophecies (You either love it or hate it - I loved it - I LIKE the fact that it doesn't explain it!)

    The Shining (BEST ghost story EVER written)

    The Sixth Sense (Best ending EVER - I don't know if you will ever be able to fool the audience like that again)

    I'll stop now...sorry.

  11. John,

    Those are some good ones (the ones I recognize). There are a couple that I don't think I've heard of. I always liked the Freddy Krueger movies, and I like the Scream series. Like you, I'm not into slasher movies, but there's something different about Scream. I also dig the Scary Movie series. ;)

    I agree about the Sixth Sense. Great ending. I truthfully saw it for the first time just a few weeks ago! It was late, and my wife went to bed and I saw it had just started on TV so I stayed up and watched it.