Sunday, October 26, 2008

More on the Exchanged Life

Latest Growing in Grace program is available for download. Our life exchanged for His life. Our sin exchanged for His righteousness. Christ in you, the hope of glory!


  1. You guy's really did run outa time to soon on this one. Listened last night. Thanks
    Leonard in MICHIGAN...

    ps. no I'm not gonna let go of that one quick fast and in a hurry....

  2. Oh... Michigan! One more person to stop and see on my future road trip that I'm dreaming about!

    BTW, on one of our next two upcoming programs (I can't remember which), I mentioned you. Not by name, although I guess I coulda done that, but I mentioned that a blogging friend had commented on our 'consistency' (which you've pointed out to me). On those two programs we talk about how grace is not simply one "subject" of many in the Christian life, but is the essence of the entire Christian life.

  3. Ok, Ok , Ill stop milking it over at RJW's...
    (the alligator tear's thing)

    Thats neat Ill be listening for it...

    Best always