Monday, October 27, 2008

Video blog follow up...

A bit longer than the last one, but a very important question was asked that I needed to answer... ;)


  1. Funny stuff...
    Thanks for the giggles...

    can you do Mr Spock ???


  2. I forgot to click the mail thing.

    also very much enjoying that book, recover your heart...


  3. When I said everyone should be doing this, I meant the previous one LOL, only a hand full of people could get away with that one, fortunately you're one of them :) I was looking forward to hearing the channel of the SNL "whats that its Pat" though lol

  4. Leonard,

    Nice pic you sent me via email. :)~ I'll have to think about posting it, so people have even more ammo! "Mr. Spock..." Was his first name Pat?


    SNL Pat just wasn't coming through. I think he/she was trying to avoid the truth, which meant staying true to character!

    I do think it would be cool to see others make their own videos, even if it was just a simple "hello, this is what I look like and sound like..." :)

  5. holy tamale! this is what I get for checking blogs at 1:00AM! LOL Your spirituality never dissappoints! : D
    "I'm going to bed" (sang to "Hey Macarena!")

  6. oh, I'm glad SNL Pat didn't come through. I thought of her when you were mentioning the Pats...would have been interesting, though
    Good night!

  7. Was this the scary Halloween post? Because I can't remember when I've been this frightened.

    The only thing scarier would have been if you had channeled SNL Pat...

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  9. Brother Joel

    I knew you would come up with a 'Pat' answer.

    I called back brother Sponge Bob and told him this was not the right Pat which he was looking for. 'Patrick Wept'...(sounds scriptural eh?)

    Quite the 'Boon' Doggle video...keep em comin' We all know the right Pat wears white shoes...but is he really right? Matching belt...matching purse...can you wear white after labour day...can you drink white milk after labour day...ah the legalist's dilemma.

    (seriously - that was some fine thespian-ism) know 1st and 2nd Thespian...this could go on ...and on..

  10. A little too much of that there "new wine" for you Joel, okay you're flagged...........oh wait, I don't think you can get flagged with the new wine, hect go have some more, have as much as you like...............!!!!!!!

  11. Joel, I pray your children do NOT see or hear you when you are "channel surfing" ::snicker,snicker:: ; I think it might scar them somehow!!

    Hey, what happened to "Pat the Bunny?" Remember the children's book??

    I'm still gasping! Dear Lord. :)

  12. You are darn funny!! Thanks for the laughs and lighthearted fun!
    I needed that!

  13. Manuela and Lydia... I'm operating on a full tank of new wine on this one. LOL. Once again, it's so deeply spiritual that probably most people don't see it, including myself!

    Richard... I can be even scarier. Just ask my kids! Better yet, don't.

    WC... Patrick Star was an afterthought. I'm glad I didn't think of him during the recording of this, because after I was done I tried channeling him and it left my mind numb for 4 1/2 hours! That woulda been one looong video.

    I think the first and second letters to the Thespianallonians were kept out of the official cannon of NT scripture because Pat Boone (who was alive at the time, of course) didn't think they matched his white attire.

    RJW... My son had the 'mishap' a few weeks ago of coming across the videos on my 'grace roots' page on youtube (the kids are really big into looking for Alvin and the Chipmunks, Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog videos these days). He's never been the same since! Poor kid even went and told all his friends about my page and now they've all been infected.

    Free Spirit... Ahhh. Yes. I needed it too!

  14. Joel, you constantly amaze me with your many spiritual gifts. This, however, is one of the most powerful and I can understand why Paul didn't describe it in 1 Corinthians. It's best kept a secret.

  15. Aida,

    In 1 Cor 5:9 Paul says, "I wrote to you in my epistle..." - which means that he actually wrote them an epistle before 1 Corinthians. I think it's in that epistle that he possibly speaks about my gift. In it, I think he also mentions a future religious holiday all will observe: Saint Patrick's Day.