Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sea of Love

The Honeydrippers' remake of Phil Phillips' Sea of Love.


  1. The guy on the vibraphone behind Robert Plant is pretty scary.

    Do you think that, when Zeppelin ended, Plant tried to record an album that would be as far away as possible from what he had done before?

    I've always dug his voice, though...

  2. Richard,

    I thought the same thing about that guy. :) Was never really sure if he really "added" to the quality of the video... LOL.

    I think there's something to what you're saying about Plant's music after Zeppelin. On the Wikipedia article on the Honeydrippers that I linked to in the other post, it says something about Plant forming the band to satisfy his long-time goal of having a rock band with a heavy R&B basis. Perhaps in his time with the band, and in his solo stuff, he really was making an effort to not sound like Led Zeppelin.

    (Although, of course, in Tall Cool One he did sample some Zeppelin sounds into the song. ;)