Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sin Taken Away - Living With a Consciousness of Righteousness

Latest Growing in Grace program is available for download. In Christ we've received the righteousness of God as a gift. The Old Testament sacrifices ("the blood of bulls and goats") could never take away sin. In fact, the book of Hebrews says that all they really did was to bring a reminder of sin. This week Mike and Joel talk about how the once-for-all, far-superior sacrifice of Christ has taken sin away, and how we can live with a consciousness of righteousness rather than a consciousness of sin. Let your heart and mind be set free as the truth from scripture reminds you of your true standing with God in Christ!


  1. Joel, I loaded this episode into my MP3 player and went for a hike with ya's.
    I just wanted to let you know all kidding aside that I really do appreciate the consistentsy of Grace in your writings and dialogs. hope you'll stop in and visit sometime.
    Best and thanks

  2. Hi Leonard,

    Thanks for the encouragement. :)

    The consistency in how I interact with others with the message of grace is simply due to what's in my heart. As I grow in grace, I'm in need of constant reminders of who I am and who God is in me, and sharing it has become a natural part of life.

    I've had your blog in my feed reader since I first saw you mention it (on someone else's blog, I think). I'll be sure to make a point to interact over there.

  3. Ya know Joel, the thing that is so refreshing about it is you don't find that kind of consistency in most any of the IC's.
    Thanks again Joel.

  4. Thank you for preaching/teaching truth...