Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lighten up - I love you!

I think it's been years since I've heard a Robert Plant song, and then suddenly I heard two within a couple of hours today!

The former Led Zeppelin front-man did some solo work as well as some work with a band called The Honeydrippers (which also consisted of other former Zep members Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page). Today on the radio I heard Tall Cool One by Plant, as well as Sea of Love by the Honeydrippers. I've always loved those songs.

What stuck out to me in Tall Cool One as I listened to it today was the phrase that's repeated throughout the song, "Lighten up baby, I'm in love with you!" How many of us really just need to lighten up - relax, take a load off - and just love God and be loved by Him!

Robert Plant - Tall Cool One

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