Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What can you do, you're in a stew...

And now --- going way into another dimension completely! Here's some... weirdness... from the early 80's! A one hit wonder. (I wonder why?)

Total Coelo - I Eat Cannibals


  1. Joel!
    You are a cruel, cruel man.
    We graduated from high school in '82 and college in '86 and we have tried to forget the bad clothes, worse hair, and worst music(with a few exceptions!).
    I think I saw Boy George up there! He was the better looking one. ;)

  2. This is so wrong on so many levels....

  3. Finally something with some depth and substance on this blog! This is a nice change from all the "fluffy" posts recently...;-)

  4. why?
    frightened and perplexed...
    : )

  5. Boy, you really needed to blow off some steam after that tithing series...! Good golly

  6. RJW,

    Yes, I think I saw several resemblances of "Mr." George in there. Don't worry... I don't really want to hurt you... [snicker] :)

    The 80's was definitely my decade. I was 12 when MTV started in 1981, and as with a lot of other kids it really did mess up my life. ;)

  7. Tyler Dawn,

    I guess some people have to sink to rock bottom before things start looking up. I sincerely hope things have changed for these people since 1982. ;)

  8. Richard,

    Yes, I felt as if I was robbing the blog world, not showing them how I could truly shine. I think I've made my breakthrough. :)

  9. Manuela,

    Why? In a sense I don't know why. It just came to me and I had to do it. I just had to! :)

  10. Joel,
    Ha ha ha! The 80's certainly were a colorful time for music and clothing, hair and many other things, huh?!

    Umm....are those garbage bags they are wearing? (Hee hee!)

    ~Amy :)

  11. Amy, yep the 80's sure were colorful. My wife won't let me post pics of her from that, um, "experimental" period (fashion-wise). And yes, garbage bags! That's exactly the same thought that came to my mind while watching this video... Nice shiny black garbage bags that suddenly turn red, blue, yellow and green for the rest of the video. :)

  12. Hey Joel...

    I thought you said "i eat cannibis"...took me back to the 80's....then i realised it was "i eat cannibals"...took me back to the 80's.