Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nothing's missing...

A little bit over a year ago I posted a video of the song "I Want To Know What Love Is," as performed live by two members of Foreigner, Lou Gramm and Mick Jones. Don't we all really want to know what love is? And of course we find the answer fully and completely in the God who loves us and created us and gave Himself fully to us.

The following song gives me a sense of the love of Jesus all over me. Was it originally recorded for that reason? Probably not. :) But that's what I get out of it. Anyway, I know that love is much more than just a sense or a feeling, but that doesn't mean you can't sense it or feel it. And I think part of the essence of God's love comes out in a couple of places in the song where Sammy Hagar sings passionately, "When it's love.... NOTHING'S MISSING..."

Also, I like the chorus:
How do I know when it's love?
I can't tell you but it lasts forever
How do I feel when it's love?
It's just something you feel together

(See all the lyrics here).

Van Halen - When It's Love


  1. Joel, I always think it's fascinating when someone who isn't a believer yet expresses that innate desire to know that something is real. The sad fact that what Hagar and the boys are looking for isn't something at all. It's Someone.

    Now, I'll wait for your spiritual breakdown of "Hot for Teacher." That should be good...;-)

  2. Very true, Richard. I think a lot of music from nonbelievers really does express that desire for God, while the writers and singers just don't realize it. I see that in Peter Frampton's I'm In You, which I've posted a couple of times, and in a ton of other songs that I've heard throughout my life.

    As for breaking down other Van Halen songs, Hot for Teacher has a lot of potential! The lyrics include the words "maybe I should go to hell" and "how did you know that golden rule..."

    Maybe I could do Running With the Devil as well... ;)

  3. We would be very interested in your take on Sade's version of "Your Love Is King" currently burning up our blog... ;)

  4. Hey Joel,
    I hear alot of secular music that touches me the same way, its uplifting to see that happen because it helps me to see that I am becoming more God conscience in my every day life (even though it doesn't feel like it most of the time). I posted a video of a song that I have always loved on my blog, I have always listened to it as a song of comfort that God would sing to me if He wanted me to know that He is always with me no matter what. I was going to put it in this comment but since I am new to the blogging thing I didn't know how ethical it was to slam a video in someones comments section lol.

  5. I think you all would enjoy Steve McVey's blog post from January 2007 called Seeing Christ In Unredeemed Culture. He talks about God speaking to us through movies, songs and a whole bunch of other ways, other than simply through "religious" means.

    God had been showing me stuff like this for years, and at the time Steve's post was finally a sign to me that I wasn't the only one who thought like that!

    Ron I think it's cool when someone links to something on their blog (or another blog) that relates to the content of a blog post, so feel free to do that in the future. :)