Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Short Post-Script to The Tithe series

I just wanted to thank anyone and everyone for taking some time to read any or all of this series, "Freed from Tithing, Free to Give," as well as for the conversations in the comments. As you can tell, it's a topic that interests me greatly.

Over the years, I've been in many conversations with people about tithing, both face-to-face and online, and I simply know for a fact that many people are not "free" in regards to the topic of tithing/giving. Also, after having dug into the scriptures time after time on this issue, I know that the truth about "tithing" is not what is taught in churches today. Much of this is due to what I would quite frankly call careless and irresponsible teachings in the church today, in which the topic of tithing is generally taught out of a common series of scriptures that have been taken grossly out of context.

My aim here has been to dig into all of those scriptures and shine light on them in their contexts. Also, since I know that my conversations with people about tithing are far from over in this life, I've also looked at this as an opportunity for me to get all my thoughts down so that I have a more easily available reference as I discuss this with others in the future!

Thanks again, and go be a grace giver!


  1. Joel, have you considered putting this series into booklet form? It would be so great to have to give to people who are questioning tithing. Just a thought!

  2. You are kinder than I am, I would substitute careless and irresponsible with opportunistic and heck, just plain CAPITALISTIC.

    Not that I have any problems with capitalism, as long as people admit that is what they were doing.

    Looking forward to reading the rest of this when I get a chance later today.

  3. Tracy,

    You know what, I hadn't thought of that but I think that's a great idea! I kind of wrote it kind of fast, and perhaps I'd polish it up a little but I see a lot of potential in putting it into booklet form. I'm giving this serious consideration.

  4. Tyler Dawn,

    Yes... in a some ways I was really holding back on my thoughts and opinions. :D I mostly wanted to lay out the facts, and note the differences between what is taught in churches and what the Bible actually says, but since this topic has angered me so much in the past there were times when I was really tempted to let loose.

    You are so right... This teaching in the church gets disguised as something that it isn't, and if they want to teach it, at least they could be upfront about their motives. But of course you can't have that in church today! It wouldn't fly...

  5. Glad to hear it! I get asked about tithing a lot and it would be great to be able to give people a little booklet. I do have one by Litzman, but I like what you wrote much better :).

  6. Joel,
    Very well stated. I have enjoyed reading each blog of this series. Very well done! I especially like how you mentioned the importance of understanding the heart of giving.
    I once heard a story of an elderly woman suffering from cancer. When a chaplain visited her in her hospital room, she told him that she believed God had just allowed her the disease as a negative consequence for an action. When the chaplain asked her "what would that be," she explained, "when my husband was at war, there were a few weeks, when, because we became so tight with money that I couldn't even barely put food on the table for my kids, I chose to not give anything during the offerings at church. I honestly believe this (cancer) is the affects of me stiffing God."

    Sigh....isn't this sad?

    The even more unfortunate thing is that thousands of people live in the same bondage mentality about tithing. I know that during one season of my life in the past, I bought into that thinking too.

    So, well done, Joel. It's so important for us to encourage one another in the Truth!

    ~Amy :)

  7. Tracy,

    Thanks for the kinds words. I'll have to look up that one from Litzman. I just did a quick google search and I see that there's some good stuff out there in the midst of all the junk. :)


    Indeed, that's a sad, sad story. I shared a couple of somewhat similar stories in a couple of posts back in June called Joyful living and joyful giving. It truly is very unfortunate that the church that Jesus Christ established for freedom has become an establishment of bondage in this way and in so many other ways.