Friday, April 04, 2008

Who's on first.

Whooooooooot! Baseball season has begun! I'm not the biggest sports fan in the world by any stretch of the imagination. I don't dream about sports. I don't have sports parties. I don't particularly pay attention to most sports. I might pay attention to an Iowa Hawkeye football or basketball game now and then, but overall there's generally no sport or sporting event that gets my heart pumping a little faster than normal.

Except when it comes to my beloved St. Louis Cardinals! I don't know why I'm so enthralled with the Cards, except perhaps to say that I was born in St. Louis and I attended a game or two as a child. Also, when my family moved back to the States in 1981 after four years in England, I saw a few games on TV and then in 1982 I somehow began to follow the Cardinals towards the end of the season... a season in which they just happened to win the World Series. I guess after that I was hooked. There have been several ups and downs with the team since that time, including several playoff appearances and another World Series appearance or two, but no more World Series' titles... until 2006, when I had really followed them - almost religiously - all year.

I don't know why I love them. I just do! I really like the game itself (watching it, that is). I suppose (?) it's because I'm generally a laid back person who likes a thrill now and then, and any given baseball game is kind of like that!

Anyway, with the new MLB season underway, here's a classic comedy sketch!

Abbott and Costello - Who's on first


  1. Wow! How nostalgic! It's been a long time. I'd forgotten that comedy routine but it's still funny.

    Thanks for digging it up.

  2. It's definitely a classic comedy routine that everyone should see/hear!