Friday, April 04, 2008

Smitty - Picture Perfect / Love One Another

Here are a couple of songs I really like from Michael W. Smith. They are both live versions of songs from his Change Your World CD. My son likes listening to music when he goes to bed, and we've been giving him some of our 'old' CD's to listen to, including stuff from Petra, and this CD from Michael Dubya Smith.

In the first video below, Picture Perfect, Smitty first briefly talks about the type of music he plays. Actually, he responds to a particular question he used to get (and perhaps still does) from people: "What kind of music do you do anyway?" I like his response. First he mentions several ways in which people label his music. "Pop music." "Message music." "Christian music." "Music with a spiritual message."

But in the end his own answer, all labels aside, is this: "I will be honest and say that this music that you hear... is a true reflection of who I am." Good answer!

The song itself, in a nutshell, is about inward beauty vs. outward appearances.

You, girl, you don't have to be picture perfect
To be in my world
You, girl, you don't have to be picture perfect
To fit the frame

The second video, Love One Another, is a song about a "dream" in which people are trying to figure out how to solve the world's problems. Well, we can't fix all the world's problems, but could changing our own individual little worlds at least start with loving one another??? :D

The people of the land united
And in the end we all agreed
That we would start again
And this would be our creed:
Love one another...

You can tell these songs are "old" (meaning: from the 90's). I don't think this man choreographs and moves around on stage like this anymore. :)

Picture Perfect

Love One Another

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