Friday, April 04, 2008

Tony Vincent in Jesus Christ Superstar

I almost forgot that the other day I said I'd be posting some more stuff from one of my all-time favorite artists, Tony Vincent. Below are some videos from his Jesus Christ Superstar appearances.

Side note: COME ON! As if you really think I think these portrayals of the life of Jesus, and those around Him, are accurate! (Although, there's no doubt some truth can be gleaned from all this). This is more of a pop culture thing for me. After moving back to the States from England in 1981 (at the age of 12), I discovered the original (1973) double-album Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack in my parents' possession (I think it belonged to my brother, who is 11 years older than me) and I began listening to it and I really, really, really (that third "really" is for you, Alvin ;)) liked the music. Then in the mid 90's I was introduced to the music of Tony Vincent via Christian Radio. In 2000, Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice remade Jesus Christ Superstar, with Tony playing a small part (Simon Zealotes) and I was hooked on this new version as well.

In the past I've kept myself familiar with Tony's career, but I've forgotten the chronological order of Tony's appearances in the following performances. I know that he appeared in the aforementioned video remake of Superstar and he also appeared on stage in New York, London and Las Vegas in various performances of Superstar (playing Judas Iscariot) as well as We Will Rock You, a rock opera based upon the music of Queen (also starring members of Queen). I'll most likely post some of those performances as well.

Here are some of Tony Vincent's Jesus Christ Superstar performances (in no particular order, since again, I can't remember the order!). I absolutely don't mean to offend anyone with these videos. Again, this is not a matter of true Christian doctrine for me. It's simply a matter of pop culture, and I know that some of you are very familiar with JCS.


Gethsemane / Superstar (54th Annual Tony Awards)

Simon Zealotes/Poor Jerusalem

Bonus JC Superstar video having nothing to do with Tony Vincent. :) This is Rik Mayall's performance as King Herod. I first encountered Rik when he played the part of Vivian on Brit comedy (BBC2) The Young Ones, which I watched back in the early 80's on MTV.

Bonus #2. Too Much Heaven on their Minds. Judas doubts the whole Messiah thing.

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