Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pagan Christianity interview

I still haven't read the book (Pagan Christianity), but I know at least a few of you have and are enjoying it. I added Frank Viola as a friend on myspace a few weeks ago and he recently pointed to this interview with him and George Barna. The interview starts a little dry but it soon gets very, very interesting and they have fun with it. I can truly relate to so much of what they talk about. Many great questions and many great answers.

The interview is here in mp3 format.


  1. What a great find...

    I listened to much of it...I was absolutely thrilled that T Austin Sparks was identified as a prime source for one of the authors.

    For walkingchurch and meeting of one to have lead out for almost two years, as lonely as it was, as counter cultural as it was, has blessed my socks off to know that obedience is everything.

  2. Thank you for sharing that. I loved the comments about consuming faith. How unfortunately true it is.

    I may pick this up for my next read.

  3. "You nullify the Word of God by your tradition." Matthew 15:3

    Great words from Jesus Himself and included in this interview.

    Thanks Joel for the link. Much enjoyed and very informative.

    In Him

  4. I listened to most of the interview the other day and then I finished it today. Man this is great stuff!

    I had missed the part about Sparks, otherwise I would have made mention of that in my post!

    Even though I haven't read the actual book yet, I've read enough comments about it and I've heard enough quotes from it to know that it is a book that will shake a person up! And depending upon whether or not they're willing to let their traditional thinking be challenged, and ultimately be broken, this shake up can either be a bad thing or a good thing. :D