Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Beautiful To Me

This Don Fransisco song brought tears to my eyes as I viewed it over at Only Look To Christ.


  1. The Franciscos are a blessing. This song and many others are a blessing to me. I also love, "Ill Never Let Go Of Your Hand". Im glad it is an encouragement. Its good to weep like a baby often I think.

  2. There are a ton of Don Fransisco songs that I love, but I don't think I had ever heard this one, so it was quite a pleasure to discover it!

  3. Well I guess I discovered it for you to discover it:-)

    The story itself in the Bible has often made me weep. It is one of my favorite accounts that reminds me of how much he has forgiven me and how not to act toward others in need of forgiveness. Sometimes we husbands can get to thinking like ol Simon as least I can. If I lose something...I almost always start mildly accusing my wife, but the gracewalk is teaching me to wait. The gracewalk is the only way to find peace in the small things like this that matter most to God. It gives us strength and hope to love our wives as God has loved us and been patient with us. All to often we like to offer up Scarlet Letter rhetoric to our innocent wives who simply want and desire love from us.

  4. Only Look,

    Indeed, I'm glad you posted it on your blog! The story is truly a great one that brings me to tears as well and helps to humble me in my life with my loved ones and with strangers too.