Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 Grace Roots Blog Highlights

As usual, I'm the first one awake this morning, and while waiting for the rest of my family to get up so we can travel back home (we've been visiting my parents in Missouri) I got a wild hair and decided to take a look at my Google Analytics stats for the entire past year.

I generally don't pay a whole lot of attention to the stats, but one of the things that interests me is finding out which articles are getting the most views. The Google stats are not scientific, and they don't include articles that are read via feedreaders, email subscriptions, etc, but they give me a general sense about how the things that are on my heart relate to those who read what I write.

What I'm really excited about doing is reviewing some of the other blogs I read and sharing my favorite articles from 2007. That will take some time, but I do plan to do that. For now, it's pretty easy for me to look at my Google Analytics stats and simply list the top articles for 2007.

I'm very excited about the number one article. I wrote it in February and I poured a lot of my heart into it. The "topic" remains in the beat of my heart.

Most viewed Grace Roots articles for 2007

1. Kings of the Wild Frontier (2/1/07)
2. The Desperate Need for the Teaching of Grace (7/31/07)
3. Elmer Fudd sings Bruce Springsteen (10/12/07)*
4. The Life I Live in the Body, I Don't (4/2/07)
5. Speaking in Tongues (Speak in Love) (10/7/07)
6. VOG: Lions, Crocodile, and Buffalo (8/8/07)*
7. NOTHING But the Blood (8/2/07)
8. 5 Things I Dig About Jesus (6/18/07)
9. Rich Quotes (9/19/07)
10. Panic Attacks! (6/26/07)

Thanks for visiting this blog and participating in it when you are able to! I've really enjoyed "meeting" and interacting with so many wonderful people this year. Happy blogging in '08!

*These two articles contain words and phrases that appear high in the "keyword" searches that have landed people on my blog. In other words, it appears that many non Grace Roots readers have landed on my blog while searching for those terms, and so those pages are highly ranked due to general web searches. Nevertheless, thank you Jul (VOG) for the article that I linked to on Number 6 and thanks also to Robin Williams and Bruce Springsteen for providing content that brings people to my blog. ;)


  1. Joel,
    I have greatly enjoyed your blog and you were one of the inspirations to start my own last year. Many of your comments/inputs, Grace Walk forum posts etc have helped me a lot in my grace walk. I want to thank you for taking time to encourage, teach and share. May God continue to use you in a greater way this year!

  2. Bino, I've truly enjoyed the interaction with you here and on the Grace Walk forum, as well as on your blog. I'm so glad you started a blog, because I really enjoy reading your posts. God truly is doing a great work in you and it really comes across in your interaction with others. May God also continue to use you in a greater way this year, as well as all those in the blog world who are boldly proclaiming the good news of the gospel of God's grace and unconditional love!