Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Blog Talk Radio

In sort of an experiment tonight... a beta test, if you will... my good friend Dave Lesniak hosted a live program on Grace Walk Radio Live, which is something that is brand new and will hopefully be something that grows more and more in the future. The technology is courtesy of Blog Talk Radio. Dave snookered me and Scott Wolfe of In You Ministries into being his guinea pigs for this experiment! Ha ha! Really, we were very pleased to take part and we had a great time doing this, and I hope to participate in this more in the future, and I hope many, many others will as well, as it becomes more and more established. Dave served as a great host, and Scott and I each shared a little bit of our "grace testimonies."

The program was recorded and can be listened to below.


  1. By the way... I just listened to the whole thing and I had to laugh because we thought we had finished recording after exactly 30 minutes but it continued to record us until Dave hung up (this is all done via telephone) so if you listen all the way through, the final 6 minutes is a recording of us continuing on as if we're no longer "on the air." :) "Beta tests" are good learning instruments!

  2. ROFL Ape face? Hahahaha

    That ending was AWESOME!!!

  3. Well I am one of those "Y'all's"


    Did West Virginia end up winning? You would think I would know coming from the state, but I live in Virginia now.

    Robert E Lee's stompin grounds.

    Hey that was great brother. The truth that God's resurrection life breathes into us a new hope alien to the dead religion that chases after the law and how too's is the only truth that will give us hope each day.

  4. Thanks for sharing the techie toy...test...might be able to incorporate it up here. Alvin-the-Belmonite

  5. Joel, I love the ending. The entire broadcast was good but it was great hearing you guys talking when you didn't realize you were on the air.

    The mood never changed. It was obvious that you hadn't been in performance mode and then switched to real life. It's the way we're supposed to be . . . always real, never phony.

    BTW, I'm in South Carolina. Where in S. C. does Scott Wolfe live?


  6. Matt,

    Dave cracks me up so much. :) He's always coming up with things from way out in left field.

    Only Look,

    I'm not sure who won the game. When Scott was talking about it I was tempted to go turn on my TV and see if it was on around these parts but I ended up not doing that.

    RoG the Belmonite,

    This technology is brand new to me. In fact, when Dave told me about it I wasn't quite sure what it was all about until we were actually doing it. I think it holds a lot of potential.


    One thing that my friend Dave does for me is to naturally keep me in non-performance mode. He is so real and genuine whenever I talk with him, in any setting, and he makes it easy for people to be real.

    I think Scott is in Northwest South Carolina, and I'm sure he told me the town but I can't remember. You can find out more about his ministry at