Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dependence Day

"Adam and Eve didn't sin against God by breaking the Ten Commandments, as these didn't appear on the time line until Moses' day. So what was the offense for which they were banished from God's presence? As previously stated, Eve made the suggestion, and then Adam made the first declaration of personal independence from God. His action said, in effect, "I'm in control here! I'll determine good from evil. I have my own ideas about such things, and I intend to do things my way." Alas, most of us are under the deception that independence is a virtue worthy of our pursuit! We seek in for ourselves and teach it to our kids, failing to realize that God hates independence. He designed us to depend upon Him.
From What God Wishes Christians Knew About Christianity by Bill Gillham, Chapter 5, "Birth, Not Performance, Determines Identity."

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