Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Just thought I'd pop in and say HI! This past week has been emotionally and physically draining for me, so I haven't "felt" much like writing here. The busy holiday week, plus working a few extra hours at work have been the source of the physical drain. The emotional drain (and some of the physical drain) has been the result of spending a great deal of time sharing the deep parts of my heart with some people from my church (one pastor in particular) who don't really see things the way I do in regards to the grace of God. It's been stimulating to discuss some issues, but at the same time it's been a drain on the heart, since the deep things of my heart that I've shared haven't been fully received, understood or accepted.

However, iron sharpens iron - so even though the conversations (done through email) have been somewhat intense, it's all been good. I'm not just saying that. The conversations haven't been argumentative or accusatory. Intense, yes, but quarrelsome or contentious, by no means. No one is trying to "prove" anything to anyone else, so that's been a plus.

I grow as I share life with others who don't see things the same way. It's not something I would want to make a daily practice of, just because of how it drains the heart, but from time to time it can be fruitful.

I hope to be back with more encouragement in the grace of God very, very soon!


  1. Hey Joel,

    I was wondering where you were! I'll pray for you that you will be strengthened by God's grace and love, and revelation of His beauty.

    Hope you're back up soon! =)

  2. Oh wow, you are so not alone in this Joel! My daughter and I are dealing with this exact thing right now, concerning a friend of hers. She (my daughter) shares her life and struggles with me and we talk about them. I, along with Daelon will be praying for you to be refreshed and strengthened.

    Blessings your way,

  3. Hi Joel--

    So glad you've had the opportunity to share your heart with others in your church. I pray it will be fruitful.

    However, to share the deep things of your heart and feel as though they are not understood, accepted or received can also feel like a form of rejection, which is indeed draining. Know that the deep thoughts of your heart that you have shared in your blog have been a strengthening encouragement to others as they read them.

    Praying for you--
    Kathy J

  4. Thanks, all of you, for your responses here... you don't know how much this lifts my soul! You are all a great encouragement to me.

    I'm always hoping that even when people disagree on things, as is evident between me and my pastors (I mean, it's simply a fact), that it will be fruitful... either immediately and obviously, or however God would grow it in His own timing.

    Thanks again for all your encouragement, because I've been "down," which is something that's not been normal for me for years! :)