Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bang the Drum - Let your freedom ring!

Independence Day - Yeah!

I've been waiting for this day to post some lyrics from a band that came right out of Waterloo, Iowa - my home town! And the band members were even part of the church I've been part of for 7 years.

I wish - I really wish - that I could provide video, or at least audio for this song, but I just can't find it in a format that I can post. But at least I've got the lyrics. This is a totally cool anti-legalism, pro-freedom-in-Christ song! It's the title track to Fighter's 1992 "Bang the Drum" album.

Fighter - Bang the Drum

You don't remember me but I know you all too well
I lived inside your legalistic prison cell
Caught in your religious talk
Your rules became a stumbling block
And I fell

Too many years I sat behind your bars of doubt
That held the fear and bondage in
And joy of freedom out
Till I heard the drums of liberty
And grace revealed the key that left no doubt
So let me out!

Bang the drum - Let your freedom ring!
(Oh let your freedom ring)
Bang the drum - Let your freedom ring!

You taught me well to cross my t's and dot my i's
What looked so good to men would soon begin my own demise
I worked to keep my record straight
But all I learned was how to hate my life

I lost my balance on your rope so high and tight
When I fell I found a knife of condemnation in my eye
Then I felt the blade go in my back
And a noose around my neck to hang me high
But you told me a lie!

Bang the drum - Let your freedom ring!
(Oh let your freedom ring)
Bang the drum - Let your freedom ring!

I live in liberty in light of what I saw
This covenant that Jesus made
You turned into a law
That law was there to show my need
But he who God sets free is free indeed - yeah!

Bang the drum - Let your freedom ring!
(Oh let your freedom ring)
Bang the drum - Let your freedom ring!

One year ago, I wrote an article entitled Let Your Freedom Ring for my church that was based upon this song and how I relate to the lyrics.

Happy Freedom Day!


  1. Wonderful lyrics..They describe exactly what I've experienced. And mind you, I was never in a very legalistic church. I simply picked up the subtle "balance" with the law. And that innocent little balance has left me under heavy clouds of doubt, worry, anxiety and condemnation time and time again. I knew it didn't fit with the gospel, but I figured it was right because it sounded good. God does something for us and we do something for God. Sounds logical. Only we forget God doesn't need anything. He could fix everything right now if He wanted.

    After all, the way is narrow...But the Narrow Way is the road less traveled because it is foolishness to the gentiles and an offense to the Jews. All grace and none of oneself is absurd to the human mind. The "we must do our part too" phrase has behind it the idea that "Surely it isn't TOTALLY free." We might as well change the beginning of Ephesians 2:10 to "For you are your own workmanship".

  2. I think this song could be the 'theme song' for my life.

    "I worked to keep my record straight,
    But all I learned was how to hate my life." Yeah...been there. But that gnawing discontent is a gift. We don't leave a place, even a prison, until we are uncomfortable there. I am so grateful that God didn't let me figure out how to 'make it work'.

    Any mixing of law and grace...whether blatantly legalistic or subtlely 'balanced' is nothing other than a denial of the finished work of Christ... and bondage.

    Happy Freedom Day!!
    Kathy J