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  1. Nice to make your acquaintance, Blake! I know of people across Canada, and I know that I've heard from people in Vancouver and other places in BC over the years, but I don't have a list or any current references that I could give you. I'll definitely keep you in mind if I come across anyone in the future though. Thanks for the correspondence here. I didn't publish your other comment because it has your email address, and I'm not one for posting other people's emails publicly like that. :) But you can get a hold of me via the email address that I included on this original post anytime. Grace and peace to you!

  2. How can we be free from Tithe and not free from Grace? Both are gifts to us before law!

  3. Hi Malachiah,

    I guess first of all I'd say that tithes were never gifts to us. Under the law, of course, the Levite tribe was commanded to receive tithes of food from all of the other tribes, so that they could eat, since God had not given the Levite tribe an inheritance of land as He had given the other tribes. The Levites were commanded to not raise animals and work in the fields to produce their own food.

    And before law? There is one instance of a tithe before the law. Abraham's nephew, Lot, had been taken in a war, along with all his family and possessions. Abraham put together an army made up of his servants and went to battle, and fought to bring Lot and his family and possessions. After the battle, Abraham and his people were in the process of bringing home the spoils of war, and they met the local priest/king, Melchizedek, and gave him a tenth of the spoils of war.

    If we are to tithe this pre-law tithe like Abraham did, then we must tithe only once, and it must be a tithe of the spoils of war, and it must be to the local priest or king. We must then give all the rest of the spoils of war to the king of Sodom, as Abraham did.

    Abraham did not tithe of his income, nor of his wealth, nor of any of his own possessions, so if we are to tithe like Abraham then we must follow suit.

    Fortunately, this whole "pre-law tithe" principle falls flat on its face and we are left being free to give or not to give, having nothing to do with law and nothing to do with pre-law. :)