Sunday, March 03, 2013

Have you confessed your sins today? ;)

"Committed millions of sins? But only confessed thousands? Good thing forgiveness depends on His blood, not on our words." - Andrew Farley


  1. Love it! His blood is so sufficient. Praise God for his grace.

  2. Yuo know when one is so used to confessing, after recieving Jesus and are taught to keep good with God that they need to be prayed up if they sin, Ones focus gets put on whether they sin or not for teuly that one has been convicteg. Now I know the Holy Spirit convicts one of sin so that they see thier need for christ. And the world keeps the conviction going on and on as if the Holy Sirit is convicting over and over again and again. But The Holy Ghoist does not do this. It is not the purpose of the Holy Ghost to not free the people, and keep one under trying to quit sin, this is the worlds deception through and from the evil force of this clear and present world danger. And after awhile of repenting over and over again we are like brain washed and never leave trying to obey, no wonder people can't stop sin they say they trust god and go out and say watch my smoke you all. We by listenig to a lie are trapped into working for our salvation and thinking we are walking by Faith, when we are not.
    the only one that can stopsin period is God and that is when you are 100% in trust of God as Moses was backed int the REd Sea and the Egyptians coming at them no way out. So did Moses doubt God at all no and the sea parted
    So when we here That God took all sin away at the cross why are we not believing it and asking for further forgiveness as a good will worship when it is finished done no more to be executed from God to anyone one. Then there are those that say great he took it all and take advantage of this undeserved grace lavished on us as the Corinthians had done. It can be very hard to get this truth across and so I need God to take the reins ne just be the vessel that God uses and therefore the word wil get across and set others free as well
    in Love homwardbound