Thursday, November 08, 2012

Podcast #1 - Rooted and Established in Grace

I'm starting a new thing - a "Grace Roots" podcast! This is in addition to the Growing in Grace podcast that I do each week with Mike Kapler.  The Grace Roots podcast will be shorter (perhaps no more than 1 to 3 minutes each) and will be sporadic, with no set interval between podcast episodes.

So here's the first podcast.  In it, I encourage listeners to have their hearts rooted and established in God's grace, rather than in all their "trying" and "struggling" to get their Christian life right.  Jesus calls us to rest and peace.

Rooted and Established in Grace (approx. 3 Min)
(Press Play Button or Right-Click to Download.)


  1. I've decided to start a brand new blog for the podcast. You can now view and subscribe to the Grace Roots podcast here.

    1. Okay Joel I am in you know I think as we do things here in life as like here opening up a new pod cast, the grand opening should come with flowers and a card that says rest in peace while at the funeral service the card should read WELCOME to your new location, at leastthat is what will be said at my passing

    2. Yes, Welcome to your new location... very fitting words when we pass from life to Life. :)

  2. Ithink in Ecclesiastes there somewhere it states cry at a birth and rejoice at a death

  3. Hi Joel, enjoyed this. Thanks.
    Spent some time on your blog and grace roots last night and found much encouragement and needed reminders. I downloaded you grace PDF chart too...
    Sounds like you are doing well. Keep up the good message ( good news!): )
    love, Manuela
    ps- oh and I wrote a poem called "oh grace" that I should post soon... I have been homeschooling Maggie so I haven't been blogging much in the last year, but want to...

  4. MANUELA! Great to hear from you!

    As you can see, I haven't been blogging much lately either. I spend a little bit of time connecting with others on Facebook, but I've kind of lost touch with various people that I used to connect with a lot through blogging. Anyway, glad to hear you're doing well. I'm going to head on over and check out your blog to see the poem.