Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good Ol' Blogging

Hey everybody!  (I don't know who still reads this blog, as so much attention has been given to FB these days, but hello to anybody who's reading this!)

I really miss all the interaction we used to have on our blogs.  Facebook has been such a cool thing, with some good relational aspects to it, but it seemed we were much more of a "family" when we were all doing the blogging thing.

I had just mentioned on a comment over on Matthew's blog that FB has made it really easy to simply make quick, short posts, without really having to take the time to chew on an issue, or to construct a post that is made up of meaningful paragraphs (rather than just bites). I'm not complaining about the quick-bite aspect of FB, because I've enjoyed some very positive aspects of doing things that way, but at the same time I really miss the times that I would spent writing longer posts, and the thought process that went along with all of that.  I also miss reading other blogs and interacting with all of you.

Haha... Looking back, I remember (not really all that long ago) when I was overwhelmed by the number of blog feeds I had in my feed reader (over 80 at one time), and I had to conscientiously decide which blogs to delete from it.  I actually had to do this a few times over a span of three or four years, and each time, I felt guilty and sad for removing various blogs, because I didn't want to miss what anyone said, nor the chance for interacting with them.

But nowadays, I hardly ever look at my feed reader!  And that saddens me.  Again, I love the interaction on FB, but it's nothing like the good ol' blogging days.

And so, well, I guess I'm not saying anything will or won't change.  But just sitting here, looking at this very post in draft mode, I get a thrill, remembering those days when I was sitting right here, composing those blogs!  And having just posted a couple of comments on Matthew's blog, it brought back the same feelings. So who knows.  We'll see what happens!


  1. Another thing that I really, really enjoyed about our little blogging community is that we were all essentially like-minded in our views on God's grace. Sure, we all had various minor disagreements on some issues, but we all came to one another's blogs because we wanted to fellowship in the same essential message with one another.

    I never realized just how important this was to me until I began seeing so many thoughts and ideas being expressed in just one minute on FB. The sense of belonging to one another isn't nearly as strong on FB as it has been here.

  2. I'm in full agreement with you, Joel!

    I would love to see our close-knit community come back together. I don't want to say for sure it's going to happen, but I do know that since I deleted Facebook, I've been drawn back to my blog to express myself or to just sit and "chew" on things. :)

  3. I also know that before Facebook, my mind was in a much better place, spiritually speaking.

  4. Hey guys! I still have all the blogs in my feedly account (through google reader). I too prefer blogging over facebooking when it comes to learning and discussing things in detail.

  5. Great stuff, guys. I see we're on the same page about blogging and our blogging community. :) It's hard to believe it's been almost 3 years since Ohio! Time has flown by and so much has changed.

  6. Me, too, I miss the old days when we mainly read blogs. It did have a close-knit, family feel and it was so wonderful to actually find people who believed in grace like I did. I remember how special that was and how many times someone's post (or comment or reply to my question) helped and encouraged me!

    I just can't seem to get into Facebook very well. Maybe it is too technologically advanced for a computer backward person like me, haha!

    Anyway, thanks to Joel, Bino and Matthew, and Lydia and Jamie and Julie and anyone else I've missed - thank you all for helping and encouraging me on grace and letting me know I am not such a weirdo for believing in His grace!

    Love to you all,

  7. Great to hear from you here, Sparrow Girl!

    I know FB is not for everyone. My wife has absolutely no interest in it at all, and I know that others are simply not getting into it, for various reasons. So that's one of the reasons (of many) why I want to get back into blogging.

    It truly was much more of a family type feeling in the past. With facebook, there are just so many people with so many different kinds of thoughts and ideas, whereas most of us who met together on our blogs were of similar mindsets, and we seemed to gel together.

    So we'll see what happens here. I miss those days, and I know I can't bring them back but can at least try to play my part in sharing things here more often that I have been. :)

  8. I miss those days too Joelsky! Hope you and the family are well!

  9. There were great times, Lyds! We are doing well... loving Spring Break in Iowa with temps around 80º. Hope you and yours are all doing well too!

  10. I do too, and started a blog check it out
    Howard, homwardbound

  11. Thanks for the link to your blog, Howard! I'll check it out and put it in my feed reader so I can keep up with you.

  12. Joel I am really illiterate when it comes to the internet and all this blogging, I am just learning, but if you want to usae anything I wrote there pleaseyou are free to use any of the writings there to further the gospel, thanks Howard