Friday, May 13, 2011

"Produce Fruit and Stop Picking Fights!"

I know many of us have been under some terrible religious and legalistic teachings in our pasts, as well as currently. How about we stop picking fights with those we disagree with, and instead go out there are cheerfully proclaim the good news! :)


  1. I posted this on the video too, but would like to share it with you too:

    I agree we should not be a Grace Pharisee. I have the idea there is something not right with 'we should produce fruit' part. I think the scripture (mat3:8) is taken out of context and branches (we) do not produce the fruit, but bear it. The fruit comes from the life of Jesus in us.

    What is your opinion on this?

  2. Yeah I definitely agree that "we" do not produce fruit, but rather that we "bear" the fruit that God Himself produces in and through us.

    I think the point in this video isn't so much about that, but rather, instead of only going around standing up against people who preach legalism, let's get out there and do things ("produce fruit") that promote the grace of God. Write books, articles, preach grace messages, etc, etc.

  3. Grace pharisee. ..interesting divine oxymoron. ..the most dangerous place we can be is God's Rest or It-is' Finishedness Grace....dangerous to the kingdom of Antichrist. Darkness. And our charismatc carnal mind...Grace said greater works than THESE shall you do becsuse I go to the Father...