Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Disagreement and Disunity

Alan Knox, over at The Assembling of the Church, has written a couple of articles that I consider to be not only timely, regarding specific current circumstances within the 'grace community' (which I will not elaborate on here), but also timeless, in regards to the ongoing problem of disunity in the worldwide church due to disagreements over doctrine and theology.

The two articles are entitled Disagreement is not Disunity and When Disagreements Lead to Disunity.  It will not take much of your time to read these two articles, and I think they provide much enlightenment for the church in the midst of disagreements.

It's a fact that people are going to disagree on doctrines and theology. Does this mean that there has to be disunity? While we can remain convinced in our own individual consciences of what we believe, can we not also live "in harmony with one another and in harmony with Jesus Christ"?

A couple of quotes from the articles:
Harmony (unity) with one another and with Jesus Christ does not come through agreement, but through reliance on God and the endurance and encouragement that he provides.

Paul does not say to accept someone if that person understands God in the same way that you do. Instead, Paul says that if God accepts someone, then we are to accept someone. (Romans 15:7)


  1. Hey Joelsky!! It's been too long since I've visited. This post was timely for me and I so appreciate the quotes. I have been experiencing some acceptance issues from other believers recently. Acceptance should never be based on anything other than love - it's hard as a human to do that, but thankfully it's Christ in me to will and to do. You are defo a good example of accepting others my brother from a different mother!!! Thanks for your ministry, blessings to you and the fam!!

  2. Lydster Sister!!!

    Good to hear from you here! The old blogging community has certainly died down quite a bit.

    Yes, I've been seeing a lot of acceptance issues between believers lately, and so much of it is based upon doctrinal differences and other types of disagreements here and there. It's really a sad thing to see happening, because as you say, acceptance is based upon love, and it seems as if love is thrown out the window over these disagreements.

    But yet you are so right... Christ is at work in us to will and to do, and I do believe that love continues to be what truly binds us all together.