Sunday, October 10, 2010

GIG 261 - Living by Law vs. Living by Grace

Some would say that we've been saved by grace so that we can now keep God's law. But that misses the whole point of why God's law was given. Was it given with the expectation that people would ever actually keep it? The book of Hebrews says that there was a problem with the Law and Old Covenant. The problem was that people couldn't and didn't keep it!

So a new covenant was needed that had nothing to do with "us." This New Covenant has nothing to do with what we can or can't do, or what we do or don't do, but is solely based upon what God already did. And our daily lives in Him are not a matter of what we can do for Him, but rather a matter of what He does in and through us. It's the grace of God, not the law of God, that motivates us and empowers us to live godly lives in Christ Jesus.

As a sampler from the program, here's this week's "GIG-Bite."

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  1. Law demeans God who is Love.....a true fast isaiah 58 is putting away the pointing of the finger toward God others and ourselves....Israel seeking to establish themselves before God rejected Grace......and God swore they shall never enter His awesome Rest.....Go Figure. ...johnpeter