Sunday, July 11, 2010

Video blog: Such a Magnificent Gift That We Can't Repay

Do we really understand the magnitude of the gift that we've received from God? The One through whom ALL THINGS WERE CREATED and in whom ALL THINGS CONSIST and are HELD TOGETHER (Jesus Himself - see Col 1:16-17) /emptied Himself/ and allowed Himself to be put into a woman's womb, be born as a baby, grow as a child and... man, get beaten and whipped and have nine inch nails driven into his feet and wrists - and not only that, He BECAME SIN FOR US (2 Cor 5:21)!!


The good news is that He's neither expecting us nor wanting us to repay Him. It's a GIFT! It's an insult to the Spirit of Grace if we even begin to think there's something we can or must do to repay God. Again, He's not looking for us to do that. He gave the gift, not looking for something from us in return, but because He "so loved the world!"

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