Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love Over Law

There was already a law that said, "Do not commit adultery," but the law had no power to make the woman keep it. If there was to be future triumph over sin in the woman's life, it would not be the law that would provide it. Love, mercy, grace, compassion. That's what the woman received from Jesus.


  1. God once told me You will live far holier by accident seeing Me as Grace than by trying so hard to obey what I say or have said or writ down for you son...only God can grant a right spirit in us of purity without pride...obedience by itself cannot. Our will cannot...and the Bible is not a Person. So it cannot. ...but TheWord, Jesus CAN!!! Grace is a Person.His name is Jesus Christ. ...

  2. Ever wonder why God told them not to eat from the forbidden tree? Why didnt God say Dont steal. Dont slander. Dont murder.Dont judge.etc etc???? What's so deadly about that tree Joel????